OMG Look What’s Coming-Maybelline Fall 2013!

Rena was kind enough to share some great pictures of the displays at her Bed Bath & Beyond.

Take a look!

Thanks so much for sending the pictures in Rena!

Please check out her beautiful website here!

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  1. Lora says

    Those lip gloss colors are LOVE! I’m really interested in that purple one and what I’m thinking is a bronze colored one. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Ronda says

    This collection is to die for!! I picked up two lipsticks and two glosses from this collection from Bed, Bath, and Beyond; considering going back for more.

  3. Alyssa says

    That gold smokey liner will be MINE! I just love me some gold (Especially during football season during the steelers games!) Oh but crystal just wanted to tell you to get yourself to sephora right now and try the Marc Jacobs lipsticks they feel so nice on the lips and they’re PIGMENTED! You would LOVE them!!!!

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