(Closed)One Year Blog Anniversary Box Giveaway!

Ready for a big giveaway?

It’s my blogs one year anniversary on March 16th so to celebrate I put a bunch of products inside a cute Dolce & Gabbana box for one lucky winner! I’m not going to list the products out, but you can figure out what’s inside the box by blowing up the picture.  There are some things that are totally covered up that you can’t see so there are going to be some surprises for the big winner.

You can even grab a few extra entries if you’d like by liking us on Facebook or following me on Twitter or Instagram. Good luck everyone, international entries are welcome. If you have a mailbox I’ll get it to you!

Thank you all so much for the support and your comments.

I love to hear from you so please keep coming back!!!

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  1. charlotte says

    I can’t say that I have a favorite brand, I tend to go for what I see the best reviews for independent of brand (all drugstore though, I refuse to pay the outlandish prices of department store cosmetics, too many great options available for less). Different brands are best for different items. Rimmel and Revlon both have fantastic foundations. Milani and Wet n Wild both make really great blush.. and of course WnW eyeshadows. I love Rimmel kohl kajal liners, and Maybelline gels. Cover Girl has my favorite mascara. So it really depends on the product.

  2. says

    OMG ! i love all the products !!! im usually use alot of asian product like korean & japanese . So one of my favourite is SKIN FOOD . They smell so great & its all organics . i woulf love to win this giveaway because i have never enter any kind of giveaway before . =D congratulation on your anniversary ! :)

  3. Pernille says

    My make-up collection is mostly Maybelliene and L’oreal but I really like channel too, which I have a few products of :)

  4. gina says

    tried to type in my favourite brand using the combo box above but it didn;t work so posting it again here benefit is mine xxxx

  5. Naznin Azeez says

    My fav brand is ELF :).. I really hope this is an international giveaway. Congrats on completing an year on this blog :)

  6. msjay97 says

    my favorite drugstore brand is wet n wild affortable accessable and reliable congrats on blog anniversary ; )

  7. Kayli says

    I love love love Urban Decay, ven though the only thing I have from them is the Naked Palette haha :) other than that I love wet and wild’s color icon stuff. They’re amazing and so cheap!

  8. says

    Favorite cosmetic brand right now is M.A.C because it was the first brand of makeup that was gifted to me by a friend about a year ago.I haven’t had the pleasure of testing other brand out.

  9. Sloane says

    Such a hard question!!!!
    my fav drugstore brand is probably a tie between revlon and milani
    my current fav high end brand is a tie between thebalm/benefit/mac

  10. Miranda says

    Tarte is my favorite high-end brand, I just love everything of theirs and I’m also a big fan of Wet n Wild

  11. Jocelyn says

    AWESOMEEEE! I’ve never won anything and I hope the wind blows in my favor! Congrats on your one year!!!

  12. Sarah S says

    Dior has always been my very favorite, but Urban Decay is a close second. (I cannot get enough of my Naked palettes!)

  13. Rene says

    I love Chanel for Foundation, Smashbox for Concealer, and Laura Mercier for Eyeshadow & Blush. Oh and Sigma for Brushes.

  14. Georgia says

    My favourite make-up is mac and also nars (thanks to you) however i do love my lancome mascara, the fist proper one i was ever given and have never found anything i like more!!

    i have only recently come across you blog/youtube and you post are so helpful and honest. they are also interecting to watch or read with a great personality,unlike so many other makeup bloggers!
    thanks to you, i believe the UK are now in even more of a desperate need for rvlon lip butters!! :-D thank you xx

  15. Alison says

    My favorite drug store brand is Maybelline, favorite “high-end” brand is Urban Decay. Happy anniversary!

  16. Bree says

    heyy congrats on making it to a year!! I loooove all your videos and blog posts (:
    My fave brand of all time has to be Make Up For Ever (:

  17. says

    my favorite products are usually always Maybelline
    because they’re inexpensive and work great:)
    I know this is completely random but I love Maybelline so much
    that for my final in English my senior year I did a half an hour speech on Maybelline
    mascara :D
    I really hope I did all this right
    I honestly sick at technology :/

  18. Sln says

    amazing giveaway and you are so generous…. my fave high end brand is Chanel and drug store one is Revlon :) thanks

  19. Megan says

    Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary :) My favorite cosmetic brand right now has to be Make Up For Ever!

  20. T.R. says

    Wow, I have so many brands I love. MAC, Inglot, Wet n Wild, theBalm, Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Nars…..I just love makeup. :O)

  21. Alyssa says

    My fave brand is definitely Maybeline for drugstore and high end is MAC!! Also, congrats on your 1 year and I love your videos!!! :)

  22. says

    My favorite high end brand would have to be MAC for their lipsticks. Low end–that would have to be Wet ‘n Wild. Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary!

  23. Reylenra says

    Yay! I love giveaways! This is exciting stuff, hehe. My favorite brand of makeup would have to be…MAC. It’s pretty hard to choose though because I also really like Urban Decay and Maybelline, E.L.F., and Revlon too! Anyway, awesome giveaway and thank you so much for this opportunity! :)

  24. Tabby Steemson says

    I know it’s boring or conventional but my favourite high end brand (that I’ve tried) would have to be. Ac, and my favourite drugstore probably revlon or maybelline xxx

  25. Siti Zafirah says

    congrats on the anniversarry :) my favourite brand from
    high end is NARS and drugstore maybelline

  26. tess says

    ok my fav brand is avon. i cant believe your anniversary is just two days after my b-day. i love your youtube vids btw!!(>^-^)><(^-^<)HUGS!!

  27. Heather H. says

    I’m a newbie when it comes to makeup but your website has helped me a great deal, my favorite brand so far is covergirl :)

  28. Amber VanPinxteren says

    Great giveaway! :) If I had to pick a favourite, it would be e.l.f. even though it is very difficult to find in Canada and shipping is expensive :(

  29. Maiada says

    I really love Artdeco, but you should know that MAC, Urban Decay and other brands are not available in my country :(

  30. Therese says

    My favorite cosmetic brand is wet n wild I love there eyeshadows they’re great quality and a good deal

  31. Emma says

    I Love Maybelline! And Coastal Scents! :)
    You are a great youtuber!
    I watch your videos all the timeee!
    Ive never won anything before.. maybe this can be my first.. :)

  32. says

    Because of your video awhile ago, my favorite brand has been Bare Minerals. It feels so fantastic on my face, and I know I’m going to use it a lot once the warm months start.

  33. Ashley Weeks says

    My favorite makeup brand probably has to be either, Urban Decay, or Hard Candy amazingggg products!<3

  34. Pooja says

    my favorite product is the revlon colorstay quad in sultry smokes…it has a very pretty green and blue and black and silver… <3

  35. Eugenie says

    Love Revlon lipsticks and higher end would love to own any urban decay or laura mecier… Thanks for the giveaway! congrats!

  36. Ivelina Lukova says

    My favourite make-up brand is Revlon, and as far as skin care I love Nuxe-it works perfectly for my combination skin :)

  37. destine2grow says

    This is so sweet of you. My fave drugstore brand is L’Oreal and my fave highend would be Nars..

  38. Adebola says

    oh! this is hard, love makeup and so many brands both drugstore and high end, but would have to give wet and wild the most props 9 i am really impressed with this brand and what they offer to the average woman).They have eye shadow palettes that good, some even as good ad the HE brands, megalast lipsticks with a variety of color that are amazing, nail polish, blushes etc With $10 and if they are on sale you can get so many items that i believe everyone can enjoy.

  39. Victoria says

    Congratulations!!! happy Anniversary!!! Thats such a hard question as i have the best of different brands. I can name the brand that i am interested at the moment and that is clarins. Ive tried their new ever matte foundation which u might love too. And im trying out their skin care and lipsticks.

  40. says

    My favorite brands are
    urban decay
    too faced
    wet n wild
    physicians formula
    thanks for hosting this giveaway crystal!!!

  41. Nicole says

    I love all, but my fave is Maybelline im sorry if u spelt it wrong, but im really pathetic at spelling!! thank you and have no makeup (so a little exaggeration never hurt) but i dont have a lot caz my family cant afford it and i would love to win!

  42. Ashley Kay says

    My favorite cosmetics line is urban decay because they have fabulous everything (eyeshadows, lipgloss, etc. ) and they don’t test on animals! What’s not to love? :)

  43. Taylor says

    I really like Urban Decay. They have really great primer and eyeshadow which I think is a must for myself!

  44. Scotti Oberg says

    My favorite not expensive brand is Physicians Formula and my favorite high end brand is Urban Decay or Mac :-)) Happy 1 year blog!!!

  45. Gianna says

    I love e.l.f / eyeslipsface! They are cheap but there stuff lasts a long time! You should try it out!

  46. Jia says

    My favorite low end brand is a toss up between L’Oreal and Revlon. My favorite high end brand is definitely Urban Decay.

  47. Tasha says

    That’s hard to say my favorite drugstore brand is wet n wild and my favorite high end brand is Nars.


    I loooooove NARS :) as a high end, and low end i loveeeeee Maybelline thanks for this giveaway!!!!!!

  49. Erika says

    love everything but if I had to pick one it would be MUFE!!! ya for a brand that doesnt forget about WOC!!

  50. coco says

    My favorite makeup brand is Mac! I just lovee their eyeshadows and eyeliners. Thank you sooo much for doing this giveaway! :)

  51. Brandon Satterfield says

    I really have to say that I am in LOVE E.L.F I just love almost everything I’ve ever gotten from the brand :)

  52. Chanel says

    Wow! I would have to Say NYX Because it is affordable and awesome quality 8)

    Thanx 4 the Giveaway
    Good Luck Everyone 8)

  53. Vivian says

    Yay!! Happy Blogiversary! I’ve really enjoyed your posts and videos. I’m subscribed to both.

    My favorite cosmetics brand is MAC for high end and Revlon for drugstore.

  54. Christy says

    Hi! I loved Maybelline products. They’re cheap, but have a very good quality to them! I wish I could buy Mac, Sephora and other high end products,but i can’t because I don’t have enough money for high end makeup. :( But its ok, I love to leave my face natural with some blush and eyeliner! :D

  55. Anna says

    my fave here is aus is MAC but I would love to try brands including mufe, ud, and wet n wild!!!!

    Love u crystal!! xx

  56. Barbette says

    Excellent giveaway and congrats on the anniversary! Right now my favorite brand is MAC but Urban Decay and NARS are running neck and neck for second.

  57. cocoapriss says

    I don’t really have a favorite makeup brand. It varies from item to item. Happy anniversary!!!

  58. Eve says

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Love your videos and blogs. Favorite makeup brand is Urban Decay. Thank you for having a giveaway!

  59. Kristina says

    It’s quite difficult to choose a favorite brand as I there are certain brands I like best for certain products. But I definitely love Makeup Forever <3 Congratulations on the blog anniversary!! :)

  60. Jodi says

    I love MAC for department store makeup and Milani for drugstore! Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work! ;-)

  61. Stephanie Groll says

    My favorite brand is Revlon, or NARS when i feel like splurging :)
    Thanks for the chance to win! You’re awesome.

  62. Alicia Smith says

    My absolute favorite makeup brand would have to be MAC, Especially their eyeshadows. I just can’t have enough! Congratulations on your one year anniversary, hope you pick me :) !!

  63. says

    I really love Shiro Cosmetics – they have the best quality eye shadow pigments I’ve used: super pigmented, long wearing, gorgeous color selection. I don’t think you can get better than that!

  64. says

    I only started buying makeup a little over a year ago and only high-end a month ago, so there are a lot of brands I still want to try. So far I really love Maybelline, Rimmel, NYX and Urban Decay the best I think. I also love elf for the reason that it is easy and cheap to get so many different products =)

  65. Carrie says

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I don’t have a favourite brand because I haven’t tried many products from each brand. I do my research on blogs or youtube before buying a product and I really trust your opinion on the products you review!

  66. MoniqueHasana says

    I LOVE Iman for my foundation and NYX for my lip stick and eye shadow. I spend big money on my makeup, but no matter what, I always come back to those two.

    Happy 1 year Blog Anniversary and many, many more. The last 3 months you have been a game changer for me with your great reviews and advice.

  67. Andreea says

    I don’t have a favourite brand, but I mostly use e.l.f. and oriflame products and they’re really good and not expensive.

  68. Wendy P says

    It’s so hard to choose! I love Stila eye shadow, Tarte blush, Mac lipstick and Revlon foundation lol!

    • Cynthia Trinh says

      whoops, I got too excited the first time. Let me correct myself – my favorite brand of makeup is MAC

  69. says

    Lately, my favorite brand has been either Bare Escentuals for their Ready palettes or Wet n Wild for their matte lipsticks!

  70. samantha says

    eeeeeh!im new to makeup so not many favorites yet but thanks sooooo much for doin this giveaway!! CONGRATS TO THE WINNER!

  71. Chloe Andersen says

    I love lots of products from all different brands but if i ha to pick, my favorite drugstore brand is revlon and my favorite high end is Urban Decay or Benefit!!

  72. Maadi says

    My favorite cosmetic brand would have to be Maybelline. Thanks for the cool giveaway, Love your videos! <3

  73. Syeda says

    My favorite cosmetic brand has to be Nars. They just have amazing products and dont shoot out collections every week so I feel they put more care into the new products they are releasing.

  74. Bonnie says

    My favorite drugstore brands are Loreal and Maybelline. My favorite drugstore brand is MAC.
    Thank you so much for keepin’ the videos and blog posts commin’ =0)
    I always get excited when I see a new video from you. It’s like a visit with a good friend =0)

  75. Emily Kim says

    My favourite cosmetics brand is Benefit Cosmetics for their adorable packaging and great variety of products. Thank-you for the giveaway!

  76. LoveElle says

    I honestly don’t think I could pick just one brand. For high end it would have to be too faced or urban decay but I’ve been loving tarte lately too. For drug store I love Rimmel and Revlon

  77. Nida Moughal says

    congrats darling =)
    what a lovely giveaway would love to be the lucky one =)
    as we dont get high end make up products in my country my favourite make up brand up till now is Loreal and Maybeline..
    Thanks =)

  78. Karen says

    Favourite cosmetics brand… hmm i like anything pigmented so it would primarily be MAC as i feel that you get quality for cost paid, but Illamasqua is a close second! :)

  79. Veralzz says

    I haven’t tested many make-up brands but I think I like Maybelline New York. :) I would love to try Nars and Urban Decay but saddly we don’t have them here. :(

  80. says

    My favorite brand would probably be Smashbox. I also really, really like Tarte and Too Faced. Its hard to decide because I love them all!

  81. Saskia says

    I love Sleek Makeup. And MAC but that’s too expensive here =( Congratulation to your anniversary =)

  82. Jess H says

    My favourite brand is probably No.7 I love them and they are such good quality :)
    Anyways I doubt I will win this but I just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog now for probably 6 or so months and I love it! You are always so informative and helpful and I love logging on and seeing that you’ve written a new post. I recently spent some time in hospital and I loved reading your blog. Honestly it kept me sane for a lot of the time lol :) and then I found your YouTube channel and omg I love your videos :) you are so funny and easy to connect to :)
    Anyways I wanted to also say congratulations on reaching your one year anniversary :) it couldn’t have come to a better person :) <3 xx

  83. says

    I have 3 different favorite brands that I really enjoy using:
    1.ELF Cosmetics
    3.Too Faced

    Congratulations on your anniversary!! I love you blog and videos, I have learned so much about high end and drugstore products because of your reviews so THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I hope your blog continues growing and your subcriber’s list on YOUTUBE continue growing as well!! Best wishes girl!

  84. Nikole Daniels says

    For skincare, I’m exclusively Mary Kay but I don’t have a fave for cosmetics yet. That’s why i’m such a fan of your videos & blog. I love to try new things in my search to find my “holy grail” makeup items.

  85. Keira says

    My favorite makeup brand has to be Urban Decay. No matter what I get from them I am never disappointed with the quality of the product

  86. says

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!!!! You are great and thanks for the chance tooo win this aamazing Giveaway/Price!!!! :)
    I would love to find out whats under these greats Products ;D
    hmm.. I think it’s hard to say just one Brand – but i have to say Manhatten (german brand) and Benefit (but it’s a little bit to expensive for me, i just have 3-4 product, but I love them and i heard so much good about Benefit ;D )

  87. Hollie says

    My favorite makeup brand, that’s a hard question!
    hmmm.. Maybelline for drugstore and Urban Decay for dept. store! :)
    Thank you for the giveaway

  88. Rebecca says

    I should buy shares in Urban decay, that’s how much I spend there. It’s a love hate relationship and you’re such an enabler! x

  89. Carol O. says

    my favorite cosmetic brand would have to be MAC. :) i have too many of their products:p thanks for the giveaway<3

  90. Chloe H says

    Hmmm, what a toughie. I’d have to say it’s Dior though. But NARS comes in at a super close second.

  91. Colleen says

    My fvorite cosmetic brand is probably benefit or urban decay! Thanks for the smashing giveaway love!

  92. Sherry B. says

    OK, for drugstore (which I LOVE!), it’s a three-way tie between Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Wet’n'Wild and my high-end favorite is Lancome.

  93. Annie says

    favorite high end? lancome and mac very close behind
    favorite drugstore? ugh hard to choose but wet n wild for their eyeshadows and blushes :) plus the amazing price

  94. Maria Jose says

    I’m absolutely in love with my Sleek products, i think their palettes are amazing and i have a few lip products and i really enjoy them!
    There are so many brands i haven’t tried yet and i’m sure i would love, but for now Sleek is the one!

  95. jasmine says

    I’m going with CoverFX. I use so many lines but this is the only one I use every day and purchase again and again.

  96. Caitlyn says

    My favorite makeup brand is probably Millani. I think they have really outdone themselves this winter/spring<3

  97. says

    Omg Luv Luv Luv your videos!!!!! I think your a great, sweet, kind, nice, woman and your not afraid to do anything. Shoot for the stars!

  98. Martine says

    I didn’t know you had a blog, I’m happy to discover it by this giveaway! I love your videos on youtube!

  99. Chris Taddei says

    Fav drugstore cosmetic brand is Wet´n wild and high end is MAC!
    Congrats on your BLOG anniversary!

  100. Jenny says

    My favorite drugstore product is Maybelline and Rimmel and high-end is Urban Decay :) congrats btw love all of ur videos

  101. says

    Oh this is a hard one! High End: MAC (It’s affordable and great quality!) Drugstore<3: Revlon (Everything<3, Specifically Lip Butters, and Lash Curlers), Maybelline (Everything, except for "fit me- bleh"), and Hard Candy (Ginormous Lash Mascara and
    Concealer Pallete- I recommend this seriously, it's my go-to when im in a hurry. Its perfect for putting in purses as well!)

  102. Akila says

    Hmmm my favorite brand is sooo hard. I would prob say Bobbi Brown. I love how her stuff works for women of color. Her concealer is bomb!

  103. Charlene says

    First of all just want to say congrats on your 1 yr anniversary!!! And sadly to say I have never owned any high end make-up :( Where I’m from I’d have to travel like 5 hours!! So I’d have to say Maybelline or Revlon! :D

  104. Mary says

    I really cannot name one particular favorite….well I guess Maybelline and Revlon make me happy but I love any brand that suits my skin tone…currently I am in love with my Revlon Lippy Butters and Wet and Wild Lipsticks….

  105. Alecia says

    Congrats on your 1st blog anniversary!!! My fav makeup brands….this is really hard because I have things from all brands that I love but a couple top brands from me would be MAC, Urban Decay, Sugar Pill, and Wet n Wild oh also love Revlon too :)

  106. says

    Fav cosmetic brand is hard for me because i like variety! Congrats on the anniversary! My fav drugstore brand is probably L’Oreal, and my fav high-end brand is probably Benefit

  107. Ambreen says

    Hi,Thanx for the giveaway.My favorite cosmetic brand is Kryolan.I “liked” your facebook page but didnt enter my fb name in the form by mistake.Its “Ambreen Maqsood” :)

  108. Kara W says

    My favorite cosmetics brand is Laura Mercier. I don’t think I could live without her tinted moisturizer.

  109. Olga says

    My favourite cosmetics brand currently is Catrice! It’s either Czech or German, not sure which one. If you ever come to Europe, you should definitely check it out! :)

  110. Maja says

    My favourite brand has to be Chanel. I know it’s expensive but their products are really worth the money in my opinion.

  111. Morgan says

    Fave brand would have to be urban decay. I love their primers and I would just die without their pallets. =]

  112. Leah Crooks says

    I would have to say that my favorite brand of makeup is well um most of my collection is really maybelline and wet and wild! I just love the wet and wild 8 pan color pallets!

  113. Kaarin says

    MAC would have to be my favorite brand as I have a lot of their items in my m/u collection. I’m a product junkie I like to try everything from drugstore to high end.

  114. Kimberley says

    I really don’t have a favorite cosmetic brand anymore, but right now I’m loving BH cosmetics because not only is it inexpensive, but their eye shadows are super pigmented. Love It!!!

  115. Micaela says

    My favorite cosmetics brand would have to be either Revlon for their lip products, NYX for their eyeshadows, Maybelline and Rimmel for their mascaras and blushes, and Benefit for their ADORABLE packaging.

    …I’m horrible, I know.

  116. Linda says

    I love MAC, even though I only own couple products from them, the quality is amazing! I have the well dressed blush and the tempting eyeshadow, but i’m going to defenetly get more, just when I have enough money and when I go to a city where there’s a mac store :) ( we don’t have one in my city ) thanks for the awasome giveaway <3 xx

  117. tiffany says

    I am kinda boring when it comes to makeup brands! all we have in my area is walmart! so I love all your drugstore reviews and videos! It has helped me find the best products I can! I like maybeline, mary kay, and revlon. also tried some joeur from my birchbox and loved it!

  118. Laila says

    My favorite makeup brand is Urban Decay, I love their innovative products that work with my skintone and their packaging is absolutely adorable.

  119. says

    I must say that I don’t have ONE favorite drug store or high end brand of cosmetics. I like certain things from each company. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Revlon Lip Butters… but their lipsticks… not so much. I enjoy Wet n Wilds nail polishes, but lip glosses no. I really enjoy Bobbi Browns Correctors, Concealers and Face Powders, but not their eye shadows. Its all about testing out products and finding what you like :) :) I also like to have an assortment of every brand, every product, EVERYTHING, LOL LOL !! :)~

  120. Éloïse says

    I think it would be… well for drugstore maybelline + covergirl and maybe revlon? :P and for hi-end laura mercier + mac + urban decay… it depends on the products so almost every brand…

  121. Breanna says

    It’s hard to say which particular makeup brand is my favourite. I suppose at the moment I would have to say M.A.C. and Urban Decay are at the forefront currently.

  122. Elizabeth Acuna says

    Favorite drugstore mascara is revlon grow lucious in blackest black. Never ever transfers…yay!!!

  123. Saya says

    I’m just starting my makeup journey and the only brand I’ve ever tried is Maybelline and I like it so far :)
    Congratulation on your blog anniv!

  124. Kimberley says

    I love you sososososososo much Crystal!! thanks a million and I can’t wait to see if I win!! sadly I am not aloud to have Facebook or twitter or instagram or tumblr….:( but I’ll enter this way……. my favorite makeup brand is M.A.C!! you are my favorite beauty guru and god bless!!

  125. Ruth A says

    Drugstore wise, I’d say Maybelline and Revlon and for high end makeup (which I don’t own much) I’m going to go with Mac

  126. Megan says

    Revlon and Clinique are my favorite brands – they’re the only companies to come out with products that I have refused to live without for months or years at a time.

  127. Olga says

    Congrats on your 1yr anniversary !!! I really don’t hafve fav brand I love try different brands but one I can say that I tea Lydia Ike is neutrogena

  128. Janice says

    Oh my gosh, this giveaway box is beyond the beyond!!! To think that everything in there is recommended by you, makes it even more special.

  129. Sarah says

    Because I am just starting out with makeup, I don’t necessarily have a favourite brand. But right now, I would have to say Maybelline, because i think that their makeup is really good quality, plus I LOVE the Illegal Lengths mascara a lot!

  130. Sunny says

    I don’t really wear that much makeup because it’s so expensive but I have a favorite mascara and it’s Revlon so I’m a fan of Revlon. =)

  131. Jenna says

    Wow, looks awesome! :) My favourite high-end brand is Urban Decay, and my favourite drugstore brand is Revlon! (:

  132. says

    My all-time favorite makeup brand is Estée Lauder, but since I am on a very small budget, I use a lot of Deliplus products (Deliplus is a cheap but great local spanish brand, made by and for a supermarket chain).

  133. Kimberley says

    My favorite makeup brands(s) are
    ~ E.L.F
    ~M.A.C I really hope I win!! I’m just starting my makeup collection and FINALLY got my first thing from M.A.C as a gift!! thanks so much for doing this giveaway Crystal! you have such a sweet and kind heart to do this and I have being watching you FOREVER!!
    god bless!!

  134. sylvia says

    Favorite brand is MAC But I also love Mabeline Smashbox and all the stuff you suggest LOL! Love your blog and youtube channel.

  135. melanie says

    My favorite brand of make up would defiantly have to be NARS or MUFE. Its just so expensive tho but i believe you get what you pay for with some things and the products and quality by those two make up brands are just outstanding !

  136. Emily C. says

    I LOVE Urban Decay! Mainly because their products are AMAZING and they don’t test on animals! Cruelty free is a bonus! But benefit is a super close second!

  137. Taylah says

    My Favourite brand isnt any high end stuff, never been able to try it because its not available where i am. So I like maybeline & Australis :) thanks for the giveaway <3

  138. KathyB says

    Loreal is my favorite cosmetics brand, but Urban Decay is where I’d blow all my money if I had the opportunity, lol. :)

  139. Jessica says

    Its hard to choose a specific brand since I use different ones depending on the product. I would say fave brand is Mac because it’s one of the brands I have at least one of each of their items.

  140. says

    Great Giveaway! Very nice of you to give away so many great products!

    I cannot afford very expensive cosmetics, but from the ones I can afford, I like Revlon.

    Wish you a great day!

  141. BlackAsphodel says

    I don’t have a favorite brand. Just favorite products. Like the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

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