Mario Badesco Olive Body Lotion

Mario Badesco Super Rich Olive Body Lotion

Since it’s winter here I can’t help but take my lotions seriously. I need all the moisture that I can get and I will try any brand I can get my hands on. This lotion has a nice light scent to it. It isn’t overpowering so if you hate heavily scented lotion that is not [...]

Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay De Slick

Don’t do it girl….bad start to a review isn’t it? As an oily skin girl I had high hopes for this product. I was seduced by the label to tell you the truth. The label says it’s an oil control makeup setting spray. It even said it would be my ally against oil and shine [...]

Don’t Be a Stranger….


I am a makeup lover/cosmetics junkie! I started a YouTube channel (crystalis007) in May of 2010 and I’ve never looked back! I love sharing my makeup hauls and reviews. My favorite brands are Mac, Nars, and a little wallet busting Chanel here and there. I think its safe to say I have a little bit [...]

Illamasqua Jan Nail Varnish


                I am crazy about nail polish lately. This is my first Illamasqua polish and I think I started out with a winner! This is a beautiful pink color that looks really pretty. Illamasqua polish is quite pricey compared to OPI or China Glaze. I checked and it’s [...]