Palmer’s Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub

I have a complicated relationship with my face. It’s oily and rarely stays smooth. It’s a battleground really and something is always going on. I hadn’t been using any masks or scrubs for a while and I was happy to find that there was one at the drugstore that is kind of addictive.

Palmer’s Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub-5.25 oz.’s approx. $8

I haven’t liked many scrubs in the past because I felt like they weren’t gentle enough. I like the texture of the formula to be smooth and I know there has to be something scrubby in there but the pieces can’t be too large and rough on my skin. It shouldn’t feel like a Brillo pad after all! After using the Palmer’s my skin is so smooth and it doesn’t make my skin drier or oily in any way so I think it takes my skin back to the perfect place. You know the one I always want to be in, not too dry or oily land. My skin looks normal.

check out the texture of the scrub!

This is quick and easy to use. You apply some to your skin while its wet and rub it in circular motions for a few short minutes. Then you just rinse it off with water and pat your skin dry. I apply moisturizer after and I’m done for the night. I’ve been using this twice a week. Why? It feels GREAT. My skin looks and feels smooth as a babies butt afterward too. My skin being smooth really helps with the rest of my makeup going on better so if you are suffering from any kind of patchy or rough skin get this at the drugstore ASAP.

Directions on the back of the Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Look for this at the drugstore you guys, let me know if you’ve used it already I’d love to know what you think!

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  1. says

    Love Palmer’s, especially their facial products. I have posted about their products also (blog and YT). This company has made many great improvements over the old standby cocoa butter lotion of years ago. Love their eye cream, facial serum, body butter, & facial mask. BTW, they have a BB cream coming out. The light is already available at Walmart, but according to Palmer’s the medium/dark is not yet available.

  2. Nadine says

    Thank you so much for posting this review. I also have oily and sensitive skin that always looks so shiny. I haven’t used a facial scrub in years because I found that it peels my skin and leaves it raw so I thought that I must not be suited for a scrub or something. I don’t even use a toner either because it just burns my face and makes it look like I got sunburnt!

    I think I might try this Palmer’s one as it’s pretty affordable for its size!

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