Perricone MD Blue Plasma

Perricone MD Blue Plasma 2 oz, $87 at (It’s on Easy Pay also!)

My journey with Perricone started a while after my birthday this year. I have always enjoyed decent skin (thanks mom and dad!) but I started noticing a dullness that I wasn’t happy with. Ten years before my birthday this year the “golden age” for my skin started. I took Accutane (dangerous, dangerous dangerous!) on the advice of my derma so acne was a thing of the past for the first time since puberty. I enjoyed a good ten years of amazing skin but then things changed.

So I started looking into things that would help my skin. I usually get something special like a nice handbag for my birthday but a very wise woman that comments here often was saying that people will buy an amazing handbag but go cheap when it comes to skin care. Well that was me…kind of. So like I started researching products. And then another amazing friend (thanks Ms K!) gifted me the Perricone Power Treatments set from Sephora. It was a sign. I was off and running.

Once I got into that set and saw that my wonky eyelid (rough dry skin from a scar that was two yrs old) was fixed after two nights using the Perricone Eye Lid Serum I was sold on trying more. If you are a results person when things like this happen you notice.

I picked up Blue Plasma with anticipation. It simply put gets rid of my dead skin and makes my skin look fresh and luminous/bright each morning. I use it every night and I’m pleased to say that I use a tiny amount (a few drops/dime size amount) each day. I think Perricone is very expensive but I really appreciate the fact that you need so little to get the job done. I’ve been using my bottle since around June 1st and haven’t used a lot of the product. Check out my bottle below! I won’t need a new one for a while. There is a small dropper so you can really control how much you use.









What is it: Blue Plasma is a daily peel formulated to deliver luxurious luminosity, smoothness, and the clarity and brightness of more youthful-looking skin.

Who is it for: Anyone with dull-looking skin, enlarged pores, fine lines, imperfections, or skin with a loss of brightness.

Why is it different: It works by performing three gentle, yet powerful, modes of action. Bio-specific peeling attacks only dead surface skin cells. Micro-purification purifies the skin. Hydro-fusion rebalances the skin’s hydration with enriched water. Blue Plasma re-invents the action of more traditional peels or exfoliators and leaves the skin more visibly luminous and feeling hydrated and smooth.

Consumer use studies revealed extraordinary results after just four weeks. 90% agreed it looked like they had a facial. Another 87% reported they didn’t believe their skin could be youthfully resurfaced without scrubs or chemical peels until they experienced Blue Plasma. 82% agreed that their pores looked as though they had been extracted. In a clinical study, after four weeks of use, 82% agreed that this is the best resurfacing treatment they have ever used.

How do I use it: Once a day, after cleansing, smooth one to two drops of Blue Plasma over the entire face. Wait a few moments and apply your recommended treatment, followed by a moisturizer. No rinsing is needed after application.

Check out Blue Plasma if you’d like to gently remove dead skin and add some brightness to your skin. Besides having great looking skin without makeup this really helps give you a smooth surface to slap your makeup on to! You know I like that!

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  1. says

    I tried this product because of you. I had very dry skin around my lips and wearing foundation and lipstick was horrible.I saw one of you favorites video and the next day I bought it. I’ve been using it for the pas two months and it’s in my list of Hly Grails!

    Thanks for the advice.

  2. Jennifer H says

    I tried this product because of you and I am IN LOVE with this stuff!! It is amaze-balls!!! I could tell a difference the first night on how smooth my skin was. Now I am noticing the brightness and more even skin tone. Wonderful stuff!! Worth every penny!!

    • says

      I use a few other things. On my face after Blue Plasma I use Cold Plasma (from the Power of Perricone set) and the Neuropeptide Facial Cream. It’s funny after putting that stuff on my face looks amazing. Like I could go out my skin just glows. But you could use the Blue Plasma (after cleansing) and top it off with a moisturizer. That will work also!

  3. Diane says

    Hi Crystal I got a sample from Sephora after seeing you talk about it and it really makes a difference in the morning.

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