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I hope you had a great week! I will be getting back to normal posting tomorrow. I have lots of great things to show you so I need to get crackin! Are you watching the Olympics? I must admit that I am hooked. I know more about diving, swimming, and beach volleyball than I ever did before the games started.

I’m really into Track & Field events so I’m glad thats started up in the last few days. So many countries have amazing athletes to be proud of. There have been so many note worthy moments. Yesterday when the Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius took to the field to sprint I was amazed. So cool.

Here are some recent posts to take a look at. This week I’m excited about the Mac By Request Collection release. Check out the post below from Temptalia if you’d like to see the items up for grabs and her reviews on them. Then you can decide if your going to buy or skip it.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Scrangie- New OPI Designer Series Shades for Fall 2012

xSparkage- Sephora Pantone Shades of Nature Palette Review & Tutorial

Nouveau Cheap- Pictures and Swatches of the new Maybelline Color Tattoo shades

The Beauty Look Book- Dior Vernis Bengale #615

Temptalia- Mac By Request Collection for Fall 2012

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