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It’s been a while since I did a palette of the day post so I thought I’d show you a new favorite of mine. This is the Chanel Topkapi Eye Quad that I got last month. It was a part of a collection and I don’t think it’s on the Chanel website anymore. Chanel is putting out collections left and right aren’t they? I love it. If only their stuff was cheaper:(

This palette of colors is really useful and the colors are perfect. I’m having lots of fun putting together different eye looks. I don’t get much use out of the gold shade. There is a bit of extra fall out to this color (gold) that I don’t love. But the other three shades make up for it. They are a different consistency to me from other Chanel eye quads that I have. The Topkapi eye colors are buttery and almost creamy in consistency. It’s really interesting. They blend beautifully on the eye. Don’t get me wrong I love the usual Chanel shadow colors but these are remarkably better. This is a great neutral-ish quad. I can’t help but wish more of the Chanel quads were as smooth and creamy almost as this one is.

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