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  1. Robyn says

    Well I find your posts very interesting since I’m becoming a makeup junkie all over again. I had something to ask a lil off topic. First off I was wondering if you would be able ti share what would be a good set of false eyelashes and eyebrow pencil. I have breast cancer. And I need something long lasting and relatively inexpensive to hide my lack of hair. Also if you don’t mind I REALLY love your wig of you don’t mind sharing where you bought it or the style name. Again j really love your blog and I read it as soon as it comes out for all my beauty know how’s. So thanks for the help and the inspiration.

    • says

      For false lashes I love miss adoro and ardell. I get the ardell lashes at target and cvs. Miss Adoro is harder to find I usually load up at trade shows but they have a website. Eyebrow pencils…maybelline define a brow is great and lasts. The new pencil from the video is great too. I get my wigs from my local beauty supply, they always have great deals. I stick with Bobby Boss, Sensational, and Freetress brands. You can find these brands from EBay sellers if you don’t like your beauty supplies selection. mine is a Sensational wig but the style name isn’t inside it sorry!

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