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Sometimes I get questions from blog readers or YouTube subscribers that I really enjoy answering but I always feel like it would be great if I got some input from other beauty lovers like you. I’ll put in the question and if you have an answer that you’d like to add please feel free to comment! I learn so much from you all and I think one of the best things about the beauty community is everyone’s willingness to help each other.

Question: Are there any makeup products that you can recommend? I’m just starting with makeup and I don’t know much about it. Every time I play with it I look like a clown.

My Answer: I really think getting an 88 color palette from Coastal Scents or BH Cosmetics is a good idea. If you get some eye primer and shadow colors and start practicing you’ll have it in no time.

You know what I did and still do? I watch a video on YouTube and then try to do the look with the products that I have at night after dinner. That way I practice and get used to blending and trying new things. Sometimes I don’t want to wash my face off before bed if I really do a good job! I get good ideas and I might not do exactly what they did in the video but I get in some practice. It’s good to watch different people and get your own style of doing things.

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