Quick Question: Do You Use A Base Coat On Your Nails?

I never use a base coat when I paint my nails. Do you?

I decided to pick one up the other day. Please let me know if you use a base coat regularly and which ones you have tried/prefer.

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  1. says

    I’ve always used a base coat and often times to me it doesn’t matter what kind it is as long as it prevents the nail color from bleeding and staining onto my natural nails. I even use a base coat when i do acrylics though because again it prevents from staining plus it allows the color to stick better to your nails. The ones I’ve used are: Nubar foundation base coat, Beauty Secrets, China Glaze, Milani and a few others in my collection. I don’t go without.

  2. Asia C. says

    Yes, yes I always use one. I’ve tired both Essie and Dsborah Lippmann, and DLis definitely my fav. I like the Turn Back Time (it is sooo pretty, even where it asalone sometimes) and the Rehydrating formula. i swear by base coats b/c it helps color stay longer and helps with nail yellowing discoloration.

  3. Rene says

    I use Nailtique as a base coat because it keeps your nails from yellowing, makes the polish go on smoother and most importantly has a nail strengthener. There are several formulas but I alternate between 2 and 2 plus.

  4. T.R. says

    I always use a base coat. I have two Zoya base coats (regular and ridge filler), but the one I use Nailtique formula 1 is my go to base coat. I love it and have never had a problem. Plus I’m taking care of my nails at the same time.

  5. says

    Enough people have answered this already, but well. Can’t hurt to throw in my 2 cents! I always use base coat when I do a “real manicure”, not just some swatches, that I’ll take right off again anyway. I’ve had some polishes stain before and it looked ridiculous, so I want to avoid that. I like base coats with a thin formula best because they dry fast. Currently I use either China Glaze first & last or essie rock solid when I do a mani :)

    • says

      I really am loving using a base coat now! It really helps with glitters coming off better:) Thanks for commenting I am going to put the essie base coat on my list to try!

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