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Le Metier De Beaute Innocence Eye Shadow, $30- I’m in love with Innocence. I had this beautiful color used on me in a makeover last month and I have been using it every couple of days since! Besides the fact that this is a great eyeshadow color its a fantastic BLUSH! I use it as a blush a LOT! It’s perfect for peachy slightly shimmery cheeks. I love how it makes me look happy even if I’m not. If you don’t have any eyeshadows from LMDB this might be the one to start with because it has two uses.

Rated A+









Le Metier De Beaute Artemis Eye Liner, ?- I got this as a GWP on a recent makeover at LMDB and I love it! I’m not sure if this is for sale anymore but let me tell you I really like it. This pretty blue shade pops on my brown eyes. I love the brush it reminds me of one of my favorite drugstore brands L’oreal Liner Intense.

Rated A









Giorgio Armani Maestro Eyeshadow #20, $29- This pretty shade goes on like butter, I love the smoothness of this silky powder. It’s a pretty brownish gold that really stands out on the eyes. I’d love to get more of these shadows because the texture cant be beat and they have some great colors available. I wish they were at a lower price point, geez $30 a pop! WOW! Swatch some of these on your next visit to the Armani counter, I think you’ll fall in love!

Rated B









Giorgio Armani Maestro Palette #2 Floral, $59- This is the perfect natural nudish palette to me. I really enjoyed using this palette on days that I wanted to really go bold with my lips and I needed a simple natural eye look to pair it with. I usually use three shades or so from this eye palette at a time and the smoothness of the eyeshadow texture can’t be beat. They just layer and blend so easily and the eye looks created look so pretty. I think I’ll get more Armani palettes instead of individual shadow shades at $30 each. I’m kind of addicted to the shadow texture thats for sure! This palette can work for a wide number of skin tones.

Rated A

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