(CLOSED)Retro City Sunglasses Giveaway!

Love inexpensive but trendy sunglasses like I do? Enter this giveaway then!

For the giveaway I have two pairs of the Bellissimo shades from Retro City Sunglasses. I love these they remind me of the $290 Prada Baroque sunglasses that are so popular now. But they are WAY less!!!








Enter to win! Good luck everyone, international people enter also!

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*Retro City Sunglasses provided all the sunglasses for review and the giveaway!

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  1. Amoure says

    I have gotten my sunglasses from almost any place I see some really cute ones. I just got some from the Family Dollar store but I also have some from Catherine’s and Lane Bryants. I’d love to win the Tortoise Brown pair but I’d be happy with either one. They’re both nice and I like the style – very old Hollywood.

  2. Andreea says

    I got some pairs from new yorker and some from a local store. I can’t decide, I love them both… if it happens for me to win, I’ll let you choose because I find it really hard to do it… ha…ha..

  3. Samantha F. says

    In the past I have purchased my sunglasses at places like Target. My current pair I actually got from my optometrist since I need more protection for my light colored eyes. Oh, and I would prefer the black if I win. Thanks so much!

  4. Rachelle says

    I like the brown pair. I shop at wal mart as well! I have spent money on a fossil pair, but that was an end of the summer sale and got them SUPER cheap!!:) Thank you Crystal!!

  5. Franseca Morrison says

    I’ve gotten my sunglasses from Coach (main and outlet). They don’t bother my eyes like some glasses do and I see better with them. Weird I know. I would like to win the black pair.

  6. Laura says

    OMG….I love them both, so cute! Forever 21 and Kohl’s always have amazing sunglass finds at amazing prices! :-)

  7. Serena says

    I usually get my sunglasses at Walmart, but the website you mentioned looks great, thanks! I love the sunglasses in the giveaway, they are so cute.

  8. Kelsey says

    I always get mine from the stands in the mall. I would never pay more than 15 dollars for a pair because I always break/lose them and It’s not sunny enough where I live to get a lot of use out of them except for a few months in the summer.

  9. Becky says

    I usually buy my sunglasses from anywhere, like Walmart, tj maxx, etc. just anywhere inexpensive.

  10. Courtney says

    hey! first i love your videos especially the reviews. i’ve flew out to the store many times after some tips from you and i thank you for that. now the last pair of sunglasses i bought are from eBay! i’d prefer the black bellissimo! both are fly tho. hope all is well..

  11. Anne says

    i only have two pairs, on from Gucci and another from Forever 21. I honestly like the forever 21 more since they fit my face better.
    i’d love to win the black pair :)

  12. Alex says

    i don’t usually wear sungalsses but i do have a pair from target that i use when i go to the beach.
    i like the brown ones, but either one is okay.

  13. says

    I love the brown pair! I recently started wearing contacts and am sunglass crazy now! I bought a pair of Coach and the first time I wore them I dropped them in my driveway and scratched them like crazy so now it’s Target all the way for me! lol Heather

  14. Felicia says

    I usually buy my sunglasses from TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Ross. I once bought a pair of Baby Phat ones at Walmart that I still own. I would love the black glasses. They looked great on you!

  15. Rene says

    I usually get my sunglasses from Neiman Marus Last Call, Saks Off 5th or Nordstrom Rack. I would love to have a pair of the sunglasses in black.

  16. Gintare says

    i don’t like expensive glasses either, because i break them, i lose them, so usually i pick them anywhere if the price is good

  17. Rebecca J says

    I buy my sunglasses off amazon the seller name is DG eye wear.. they range between 7-15.. I also buy at 99cent store and dollar tree.. I would love either color…

  18. Raven says

    I usually get my glasses from local thrift stores or places like Walmart, Ross, Marshals, etc. I feel the same way towards glasses as you; I won’t feel bad if they are missing,stolen,broken, etc. if they are cheaper. My favorite pair of glasses is called the black thick cat eye from RetroCity Sunglasses. I would prefer Black.

  19. Natasha S. says

    I usually get my sunglasses from t.j. maxx or Marshall’s. I really want the tortoise pair!

  20. Alice Chaffin says

    I agree about expensive sun glasses because I am notorious for losing them and breaking them so I would be physched if I won.

  21. Samantha Stokes says

    I love sunglasses especially brown I dont even buy black. I get my glasses from wherever I see cute sn glasses someties DEBS lane bryant ashley stewarts target walmart kmart wherever i find a cute pair and those are definetley hawt lol I love unique looking glasses

  22. Bonnie says

    I love sunglasses so much that I can barely find a picture of me without them! I only buy inexpensive sunglasses, but I buy many and usually from my local consignment shop.

  23. Micheala says

    OMG! I have been wanting these sunglasses in Black for a while now, they are gorgeous. Typically I get my glasses from Forever 21 or just when I am out and about :)

    *crossing my fingers and toes that I get them*

  24. Nesha says

    I usually get sunglasses Charlotte Russe (can’t beat $5), Dillards or Belk for my Jessica Simpson or Steven Maddens (on sale of course!) & I would prefer black.

  25. Cherrelle says

    Ross, marshalls, & tjmaxx is usually where I get my sunglasses. I had a really cute pair of ralph lauren sunglasses….I broke them though :(
    I love the black pair.

  26. Nicky says

    I only have one pair of sunglasses, and unfortunately there scratched. I’ve been searching for a new pair and i saw your video and I Fell in love!

  27. Tracy says

    I usually get my sunglasses from Old Navy or Forever 21. I would like either the black or the brown..their both cute!!

  28. Sweta says

    Hello dear. I get my sunglasses from random shops when I see something I like. I am very much into sunglasses, usually more trendy than expensive. I bought several while in Dubai and I was seriously considering to get a Dior one very soon. But I would love the Black Bellissimo one you’re giving away. Love watching you xoxo

  29. Amber says

    I adore the black pair of those fabulous sunglasses! I usually buy my sunglasses at tjmaxx and walmart. <33 Thank you for doing a giveaway

  30. Natacha says

    I get my sunglasses from h & m! i would really love to win this contest because i came across those prada shades 2 months ago and i fell in love with them but not with the price ahaha and i’ve been looking for a duplicate of them but never found one!! Thank you!! xo

  31. Brenda says

    I usually get my sunglasses from forever 21and H&M, I love how they have such a great variety. I would love the brown pair. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. EricaDelaney says

    I normally get my sun glasses from American Eagle and Forever21. I would prefer the black pair! Thank you!!

  33. Ciara says

    I usually get my sunglasses at target or marshall or Tjmaxx! I would love to get the brown pair! Thanks :-)

  34. Teresa Rebecca says

    I’m the worst with sunglasses! I’m constantly leaving them places, dropping them, losing them, whatever. So I can never bring myself to pay more than $10 for a pair. I just check the clearance rack at Kohl’s whenever I’m in for something presentable.

  35. says

    I’d love the black pair, I had the exact ones and they broke the other day. I got some sunglasses off of hautelook, I got another pair from a store here called D-Tox they were like $15 and I wore those until the lens popped out and broke.

  36. says

    I usually buy mine at the mall cause I have the same problem as you do and that’s breaking them and losing them XD

    I’ve been actually admiring these sunglasses for a while now so winning this would be AMAZING!!!

    xx From Croatia


  37. Vivien says

    I usually get mines at Ross, H&M or Forever21…cuz if i lose them or break i wont cry hehe I would love the black one please and thank you!

  38. Anna says

    I usually get my sunglasses from Target, Marshalls, or Ross. I hate spending a lot of money on them because I break almost every pair I get. Forever 21 also has some cute ones but they aren’t very good at protecting from the sun. I would love the black ones if I win.

  39. Ro-Shane says

    I usually get cheapies. They do the job & can easily be replaced if broken or misplaced. I prefer the Bellissimo Black pair! :)

  40. Becky says

    I usually get my sunglasses at the eye doctor, so I can use my insurance. I also get glasses at Sunglass Hut.

  41. Stacye N. says

    I normally get my sunglasses fro Marshalls, TJ MAXX or Burlington Coat Factory. You can get nice name brand shades for a fraction of the MSRP.and you won’t be too upset if they get lost, stolen or broken. These shades are hot in both colors but I would prefer black since I never buy black, I always get brown or something close to it.

  42. Sandri says

    I love, love, love these sunglasses!! Where I live, in Sweden, we only have the boring kinds so I’d go cray if I’d win the black pair! :D xo

  43. K. Johnson says

    I get my sunglasses from Ross. My favorite pair is an oversize cat eye glasses. Being that I have a wide face and love cat glasses, they are PERFECT. Great for spying the crown…

  44. Megan says

    I get sunglasses from Bealls Outlet – as low as four dollars per pair, and they’re gorgeous, yes please!

  45. angela says

    i love getting mine for H&M and F21 they are a great deal and i am kind of addicted to them so its better to go chep so i can have lots to chooes from :)

  46. Charmaine says

    I love getting sunglasses from Ross or TJ Maxx. I got a great pair of Fossil glasses for like ten bucks, it was great!

  47. says

    Great giveaway. I have been stalking these sunglasses on ebay for a while, I just did not want to buy from some place in China.


  48. Adail says

    I get sunglasses from all over! I have one really expensive pair from Gucci that I found half off on ebay :) I’d love the black pair! Thank you!

  49. Janice says

    I usually get my sunglasses at my Optometrist’s office because I usually get prescription sunglasses. However, I always have a less expensive, non-prescription pair as a back-up. I would love the brown, tortoise shell sunglasses, they are so unique!

  50. Delaney says

    i love getting very inexpensive sunglasses especially because they are just fun to use as a good accessories for different outfits and i just recently got a pair from charlotte rousse for 2 for $10 and i love them

  51. Sara says

    I usually buy my sunglasses at Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart…I also cannot buy the expensive sunglasses even though the cheap ones always break on me! Love the black pair :)

  52. Jessica H says

    I get my sunglasses wherever :) usually the mall or something :P
    And I prefer black because they go with more of my outfits :P :)

  53. Gerri says

    I buy sunglasses either online or at Walmart. I’ve got a Jackie O pair that I love and would love these in brown.

  54. Kathy says

    I buy mine at Marshalls. I got a Betsey Johnson pair or around $20. I would be happy to win either pair. Thanks!

  55. says

    OMG they are amazing!!!
    I saw them on a magazine some time ago … and desperately fell in love with them (the Prada I mean…)

    I would love either colour (they are simply amazing …)

    thanks for this opportunity and for the suggestion of where to find them!


  56. emi says

    LOVE! Could not justify spending so much on sunglasses either. I got a pair of Ray Bans for my birthday and am so afraid of breaking/loosing them!!

  57. Giulia says

    I’d love to win the black one… I’ve only one pair of sunglasses (Rayban Wayfarer in Brown) and my mother bought it to me for my 18 birthday

  58. Ali says

    I love both of these – especially the black though! I usually get my sunglasses at Target. Thanks so much!

  59. Renee says

    I get my sunglasses from Burlington Coat Factory for $9.99. I do have a few pair of designer sunglasses that I bought a few years ago.

  60. agnieszkazg says

    I get my sunglasses from shops in mall (for example from h&m or new yorker) and I’d prefer black one ;)

  61. Erica says

    I usually find my sunglasses at Walmart too haha, they have a bunch of cool designs! I love the brown ones :)

  62. Maja says

    I usually get my sunglasses from my friends because I never know which ones to choose for myself! :D But I really love these, especially the brown ones :)

  63. Donnetta says

    I usually purchase my sunglasses at Walmart, Marshalls,or TJ Maxx. I would love to win either pair.

  64. Janay says

    I usually purchase my sunglasses at Ross, TJ Maxx or H & M. I have had my eye on those Prada sunglasses all summer! I would love the black pair *fingers crossed*

  65. Cherry says

    I usually get my sunglasses from weekend market in my country. They quite cheap and cute! I love the black one. :)

  66. Kelly Young says

    Well because i live in the UK, and we dont get as much as maybe other countries do i dont really have a reason to buy lots of sun glasses. Also im the type who will buy one pair that could last me years, i dont have the money to be spending hunderds of pounds on stuff like that. If i buy them i’ll buy them at a market, and theyre non branded. These are so cute, i love the spiral design on the sides, and the black ones are my favourite, thank you for this giveaway :)

  67. myriadebutterfly says

    I love these sunglasses, I usually buy mine from H & M, and I have been looking for the knockoff version of those Prada ones. I just love them. They look so chic

  68. Tysha says

    I usually get my glasses from the kiosk at the mall. I have ONE pair of expensive Armani Exchange, but of course they broke! So I stick to the mall!! I would rock those in black!

  69. Chantel says

    I would love the brown ones, but black would be lovely too! I live in a small town in Canada, so shopping is limited! The only sunglasses I’ve had have been from Winners!
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  70. Lindi says

    I get my sunglasses from walmart, target, kohls, just about anywhere they are sold!! I love the brown ones, they are uber cute!!

  71. Chloe Boggan says

    I love to get my sun glasses from Target! I’m not sure what pair I have but they are really cute! And I would prefer the Black ones! :)

  72. Vinny Hillman says

    I’m picky about sunglasses sometimes so whenever I find an adorable pair I have to have them! Mostly from Ross, TJ Maxx, Cotton On and places like that. I’m currently sporting a pair of red heart shaped sunglasses from my boyfriend. Both pairs are adorable and I think I’ll be purchasing from that site very soon! I’d love either pair but would prefer the black. Thank you so much <3

  73. Veronica says

    I would love to win the black ones and i buy my sunglasses at Hot Topic they have a lot of fun and cool sunglasses such as the Hello Kitty ones i bought from them, They’re super cute!

  74. says

    I got my favorite pair of sunglasses from a Souvenir store in Kissimmee, Fl. They had huge lenses and were zebra print. Hands down the cutest sunglasses I’ve ever owned. Then one off my teammates broke them. :( But I would love the brown one!!

  75. says

    have you tried the flea market? i got my clear glasses and hello kitty glasses there for $5. i also like target. however, outlet malls are great too. i’ve found inexpensive ones at saks fifth, etc.

  76. chibu74 says

    I got my Betsey Johnson sunglasses from TJ Maxx and i’m in love with those sunglasses.

    thanks, so much for the giveaway…would love to win the brown ones.

  77. says

    I usually get my sunglasses from Solstice. I love their designer shades, and the sales section is my home. :) I had a pair of black frame Guccis with gold plating that I loved, and then I went and lost them on St. Patrick’s Day at a bar. I’m still mourning them! I would love to win the tortoise/brown pair of the bellissimos!

  78. Lisa says

    I usually get mine at those little booths at the malls or outlets that are knock of the high end brands. I lose things, and I just can’t see spending too much on something I can easily sat down and forget about…

  79. Florinda says

    I get my J. Richmond sunglasses from a store in my city.
    I would love to win the brown ones.Thank you! ;)

  80. seresta99 says

    I’d like to collect sunglasses. I absolutely love. I have a pair of Gucci and Dior one, both with black lenses. I wish I had a pair of sunglasses with brown lenses. I love Prada sunglasses!

  81. Sara Loise McCann says

    I usually get my sunglasses at topshop or any good clothing store in the UK really.

    If I won, I think I’d really love the brown pair please.

    Thank you so much xx

  82. Yewande says

    I get my sunglasses from Marshalls, ross and tj maxx, my favorite pair was a black round rimmed pair that went with every outfit, until i accidentally sat on it. I would love the tortoise shell brown one

  83. Ruth A says

    I actually don’t own any sunglasses because most of my life, I’ve worn glasses so I never bought sunglasses, ever.

    I like the tortoise brown ones :)

  84. Kim says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Either pair is just gorgeous! I love switching my sunglasses to match my outfit too :-) Love your videos btw! You always make me smile & sometimes outright laugh! Good times :-)

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