Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain’s Review-Oy Vey!


Oh Revlon….usually you fill me with happiness. I love the Colorstay line but I must say this is the most difficult product in the line for me to love. First let me show you the three shades that I got and how they look on my lips. Then we will talk about what it takes to make your lips look that decent. It’s NOT easy.

First up India Intrigue #01.



Barcelona Nights #15.



And last but not least-Shanghai Sizzle #40.



These look really pretty don’t they? Ugh its a shame that they are one of the most tempermental lip products that I have ever used. To make your lips look decent you have to do some things that really make or break your outcome or finished look with these. First thing is your lips must be BONE DRY. I mean not a hint of liquid moisture or even the essence of freshly licked lips. Your lips have to be dry. What happens if your lips aren’t dry is that the color goes on very patchy. It goes on like a lip gloss that has gone bad. So the other issue is what about the parts of your lips like the corners where you can’t help but have a little moisture going on? You can’t control the areas that border the inside of your mouth right? Well those areas look a little worse for the wear about five minutes after you have this on.

Spreading the color over your lips is easier if they are dry. So once you have that going on then all day long I feel like I have to check on this product. It’s not a great feeling checking your lips all day. Not much happens but I felt like I was on patrol. Not good.  The applicator works well though. It’s like a few other products you’ve come across out there.


This stain feels slightly cold when you put it on and it does have to warm up I think to spread evenly. I got much better (and faster) results when I waited a few seconds after application then rubbed my lips together. The warmer the product gets it spreads and melts into your lips. There isn’t any taste to this stain and it does have a slightly unpleasant plastic smell. I really wish things had turned out differently with this product. I feel that the best way to wear it for me personally is over a lipstick shade that is similar in color. That works really well. Oddly enough it seems to lock in moisture and keep everything in place all day. But I’m sure thats not what most people are buying this for.

At this point weeks after purchasing I only use these Moisture Stains over lipstick. I don’t really feel comfortable wearing this alone. Please let me know if you have tried this relatively new product. If I had to do it all over again I think I’d just pick up one. If you have any tips for me please share. I lost my receipt so these are all mine ha! They are less than $10 each but still I wanna make ‘em work!

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    • says

      Aren’t they? Such great colors and a hard to work with formula. They really should re-work this stuff. I hope they go back to the drawing board and give us something goof proof for Fall.

  1. 80sChicwithglasses says

    I bought 2 and wish I had the receipt to return them as well. I picked up Barcelona Nights and the nude shade. It looks almost kinda golden. Either way, I don’t care for these at all. They are very patchy, kinda watery feeling and I don’t care for the smell. Such as shame as you said because I too had such high hopes for this and Revlon is a favorite brand for lip colors. Ugh, I actually thought about tossing these, but I’m going to try your suggestion with dry lips before I commit to the garbage can. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jay says

    That’s so interesting about drying the lips first! I have India Intrigue and it is the worst…ugh! I really wish these drugstores would have testers. It would save money from returns, and make it a lot easier when deciding what to spend my money on. The color is alright but it applies sooo patchy…as if someone poured water into the tube. Your pictures really look great! I don’t have the patience for it lol. There are too many other wonderful lip products out there.

  3. says

    I live in HOT Arizona and think they go on cold and do better when warmer. I agree that it is best worn over lipstick. Not a ‘must have’ IMO. ♥ Elle

  4. Michelle says

    I agree with everyone’s assessment. They are MUCH better when they are warmer and I went whole hog and bought like 8 of the colors and I have been wearing them over a coordinating colored lip liner and have had great results. However, it is TOO much work IMHO to make them work out when it really could have just been so much simpler. Oh Revlon, I am highly surprised with you at this one.

  5. Pickygal29 says

    horrible. horrible and more horrible! i hate these things and if i had my receipt too away they would go! I will have to try the dry lip thing. but these did seem to taste funny to me and i don’t like that smell (or maybe I’m tasting the smell?). anyways, a no go!

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