Revlon Hot Coral #712 Lipstick

Looking for a coral/orange trendy lipstick at the drugstore? Here’s a great one to consider! Revlon Hot Coral.

















This is my first Revlon creme lipstick from the Moon Drops line in the green lipstick tube. I have to tell you that its fantastic. I love the formula its moisturizing and comfortable to wear and I’m getting a good 5-6 hours of wear. Check this color out at your favorite drugstore for under $10 and look for the green lipstick tubes instead of the standard Revlon black lipstick tubes!

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  1. Nancy says

    It Looks Great on you, How does the color compare to Sephora Pantone Orange color … can you do swatch’s?

  2. Stacie says

    I am officially coral lip obsessed. I did a swatch fest earlier and discovered that I have 12 coral lip products of varying types. I did pick up hot coral on your recommendation and OH EM GEE! I am in love with it! So thanks!!!

  3. M. says

    Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick # 712 called Hot Coral has become extremely rare to find in the stores for some reason. I would like to know why. I have worn it for years and it is absolutely the only lipstick I like as it looks the best on my old freckled face. I have tried all of the other Coral colors and none do the job. The liquids in the tubes are too transparent and do not last, though at first glance the colors look pretty good. The ones in the black tubes aren’t bad, but just don’t do the job as well as the green tubes.

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