Revlon Single Eye Shadows










I’ve been eyeing these up at my local drugstore for a while and when they were buy one get one 50% off last week I decided to go for it. I also had a $2 off coupon for each one of these so I got them at a great price. Let’s take a closer look!









Up first Peacock Lustre (shimmery teal) and Polished Bronze (shimmery gold) these are two satin finish shades. Just beautiful aren’t they?









Platinum Glimmer (gray steel shimmer), Black Galaxy (shimmery black), and Violet Starlet (mid tone purple shimmer) shades. Platinum Glimmer is a satin finish and the other two eye shadow shades are perle finishes. I am in love with Black Galaxy!

Overall I really like these eye shadows. I think the pigmentation isn’t the best that I have seen but these do blend very well. Because they are so shimmery I think that it’s easy to go overboard when building these colors up on your eyelid. I found that it was easy to cross the line into disco ball eye territory if you’re not careful! These retail for about $5.49 each at the drugstore and they also have some matte finish shadows. I just couldn’t find any shades that I liked. But maybe you can! There is plenty of product in each container .08 oz. which is a lot for the money. Check these out on your next drugstore or Walmart visit!

Rated B

Disclosure: I purchased these items myself!

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  1. Cerise says

    LOL…Disco ball look…lol TOO FUNNY!! LOVE the swatches!! SO CLEAR!! and yeah they are a little shimmery. But, if you like it, then i will probably like it too! HI JINX!!

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