Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick-Really Red #06









Revlon Really Red Matte Lipstick, $7 at Ulta

I don’t know where I have been that I missed the fact that Revlon has matte lipstick. But now I just feel like a late arse fool. This lipstick is amazing. It is incredibly creamy and glides on the lips like a new Mac Matte formula lipstick does at half the price! If you have been wanting a Mac or really high end red matte lipstick shade PICK THIS UP. It’s an excellent value.

I love red. Many of you know that. I never say I’m an expert at anything but I’ve been around the block wearing red a few times lets say..! This Revlon creation is the least expensive red matte that I’ve come across that really can compete with a lot of brands that do matte lippies at much higher prices. I all of the sudden noticed the Revlon matte lipstick’s on the right side of the Ulta website and I was like what are these? I have never seen these matte lipsticks in any drugstores. And I’m not sure if you believe this but I go shopping for makeup err ummm A LOT.

I picked this color out of the others because they weren’t really grabbing me. I’d need to see the other shades in person. Hopefully they will be good also. The pink and the peach could be promising. But I’m glad I got the RED!









I got this at Ulta (online) but check your favorite drugstore next time your there. Maybe I’m just living in an unlucky area that gets no love from Revlon.

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  1. Mea-Lynn says

    theyre mixed in with the regular super lustruos lipsticks thats why!! so just look for them in the regular display!

  2. says

    I went on a red lipstick buying binge a while go. I got 3 from Revlon and this was one of them. I LOOVVEE it! Certainly Red is my favorite next to Wet n Wild’s Spotlight Red.

  3. Anya says

    I have this one and love it! I have it only at Rite Aid and Ulta, not at CVS or Walgreens. It is the best formula ever ever ever! I also got the Stormy Pink and I am not crazy about how it looks on my personally, but it is a great formula none the less.

    My question is, why doesn’t Revlon makeup way more of these in different colors and market the heck out of them? Same with the Moon Drops, which I like way better than the Maybelline Vivids. They are the original vivids! Crystal, you need to get more of the Moon Drops! I know you have a few but seriously, I highly recommend you get more (since I know you are a bright lip lover like me).

    Revlon, you have gems in your collection that people don’t know about!

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