Revlon’s Iconic Limited Edition Fifth Ave Red Lipstick-I Finally Found It!


I was excited to hear that Revlon was bringing a few popular lipstick shades back. And of course the first one I wanted was Fifth Ave Red. The idea of a classic red from the 50′s oh yeah…I’m down.

Well the good news is I love the lipstick. The bad news is the display that it was in sucks. I’ve been checking for these limited edition lipsticks for weeks and when I saw the display I was a little pissed. The display has two of each lipstick! TWO…thats IT. No wonder I couldn’t find this. By the time they put the display out they have to fold it up and throw it away in about two or three days because most of the colors are gone I bet. Check this out.


I bet this isn’t the only display out there but I wish it had more room for shades. Come on Revlon! Give the people looking for these lipsticks a break. Ugh this just feeds into my dislike for limited edition merchandise as a whole. I could write a book on that.

Ok tantrum over. Let me show you the lipstick. It’s amazing!



So the moral of this little story is the lipstick is beautiful and I hope you can find it. I picked up one more shade in the display called Icy Violet. These lipsticks were $9.29 each but this week at CVS Revlon is buy one, get one 50% off and I had $11.50 off in bonus bucks rewards. So I left the store very happy at least I got a deal!

Let me know if you have seen these lipsticks where you live yet and especially if you had a different display! I hope yours was bigger ha!


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    • says

      Isn’t it? I know somebody that makes a lot of money came up with that most likely. What a poorly thought out idea! I hope they are at least shipping a few displays to each store.

  1. CC says

    Thanks for hanging in there and finding these, Crystal. You’re the best, girlie! These look great on you and I hope you find the others. Given that ridiculous display, I’m not even looking…I don’t understand why they would take such popular colors and do something like that. Oh well!

    • says

      I think its a very unfortunate thing for all the Revlon lipstick lovers that are on the hunt for these! Nothing is worse than playing silly games when people are trying to spend their money on your products!

  2. cca says

    I found a most full display in walgreens silver spring off new hampshire.
    I love the 5th avenue red. I also purchased sandstorm but i dont love it, too flat, dull. i have to add gloss to it.

  3. Kica says

    Like you, I have been looking for these for WEEKS! Now that I know what the deal is, I’m not even going to bother anymore. If I happen to see them fine, but otherwise *shrug*. I’m really beginning to see why people get irritated at the whole LE thing >:/

  4. Ellie says

    Unfortunately I’ve only seen the same display you show above. I’ve noticed that most limited edition displays only carry two of each color. L’oreal definitely does that with their color tattoos. Glad you were able to get the color you wanted!

  5. Annie S. says

    So glad you found them. I was able to find a full display (but still only two each of the colors). I love the Fifth Ave. Red.

    To those of you who are still looking for these, please carefully check the display. In my stores once the original lipsticks have been sold, they are putting in other Revlon lipsticks in the display. Be sure to check the labels to make sure that you are getting the correct lipstick. Also check the regular display racks for them- I saw a Fifth Ave. Red mixed in with the permanent lipsticks.

  6. Melissa Jurgensen says

    I hope I can find these! Right now I can’t even find them on-line. I have a hard time with red lipstick – it’s either too bright, too purple or way to dark on me because I’m fair complected. The 2 I found years ago that worked for me have been discontinued. Fifth Avenue Red looks like what I need and if I ever find it and I like it, I’m stocking up! (Why oh why do cosmetic companies always make things limited edition???)

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