Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer #002

I put this in my January Favorites video on YouTube but I realized recently that I never told you about it here! Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer is a drugstore primer that I’ve been using under my foundation for a few months and I love it. It was highly recommended by one of my favorite girls on Youtube who’s always right about everything so I decided to try it. It’s around $10 and I picked it up at my local Target.








I love using primer. It’s one of the things that I use every time I use foundation except during July and August when its soo hot here on the East Coast. I find that primer helps my foundation last all day and I really need the extra layer of moisture on my dry cheeks and chin in the winter. I have a few favorite primers but I haven’t used many drug store brands. I picked this up and from the very first time I used it, I loved it. The texture is great. A little goes a long way and I find that the small dab pictured above is enough for my whole face. After smoothing this primer into my skin a sort of matte finish is left behind and I love it.

This primer has just enough slip to it so it sinks into your face but doesn’t feel greasy which I appreciate. After it’s smoothed onto your face it is colorless. I will just end the review by telling you this. It’s better than my Chanel Base Lumiere ($42) by far! I would definately repurchase and I would recommend that Fix & Perfect Pro Primer is a great first purchase if you haven’t tried primer before. At around $10 (1 oz. tube) it’s such a great addition to anyone’s stash in my opinion.

I had a lot of trouble finding this primer in my area. There is another Rimmel primer (with 001 on the front of the tube) that is available everywhere. It was at CVS and all the other drugstores and I picked it up on accident. It has a pink tint to it instead of white. Anyway I had to return it (the 001 primer) and then figure out where this 002 version was and it turned up finally at Target. Please be careful and get the #002, I’m not sure how good the other version is!

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      • Ter Garney says

        I remember! I was one of the ones who told you you had the wrong one. The other one is awful! I love the new one too…I had a feeling you would too. It’s a bit hard to find in my area too. But it’s worth the hunt. Walgreens has it for $8.99 & it’s nice when Rimmel goes on sale. I got coupons in my paper too.

  1. Barbette says

    I forgot to try this after your first recommendation – thanks for the reminder, and it’s within my $10 a week budget, for the Month of March during my makeup purchasing hiatus. I can do this, I can do this :-)

  2. T.R. says

    I may have to pick this up. I have a CVS coupon for $3 off a Rimmel product and was trying to decide what to get. Right now I use Inglot’s primer.

  3. Minari says

    I love Rimmel products! Didn’t know they had Rimmel Pro line, it wish it was darker like Rimmel 002, because I use it as a mild concealer xD

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