Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Gloss Purple Rescue

I am really starting to like Rimmel. Each product they make is better than the last one that I tried. This gloss was at my local drugstore for $6.99 in a really pretty display. The word moisture was in the name so I figured it would be good to get the scoop on this. This gloss has collagen and all kinds of vitamins. There is a nice doe foot applicator too. It’s not a slanted tip applicator but that’s not a big deal.

I’m really into my lips being really moisturized throughout the day but I also love vivid lip color. This combines both of my needs in one. I love the pigmentation in this gloss and the moisture content is just fantastic too. That’s hard to find. I have a lot of products that are either really moisturizing but lacking in color or kind of moisturizing and really pigmented. This gloss is at the top of its game in both categories.

The color Purple Rescue is beautiful and rich. It’s not quite opaque but it’s just pigmented enough to be bolder in color than most glosses. It’s buildable too to a certain extent too. With a few (2 or so) coats it’s more opaque and looks almost like a glossy lipstick shade more so than a lip gloss. Regardless of the application process you use it feels wonderful. I think the deep pigmentation helps with wear. It lasts quite a while. I re-applied after meals and 3-4 hour stretches but that’s normal. The thing that they got so right with this is the balance of color and moisture. I can’t say enough about that. It’s the best of both worlds!









My only issues with this gloss are minor. There is a sticker that I had to remove after I purchased-it covers the whole back of the gloss. Once that is peeled off there is no way of telling the color. It’s not on the bottom or on the back of this product, the name of the shade that is. That is strange to me because after I use this up am I going to have to guess what color I’ve got to repurchase? Boooo. The other thing is I’m not so excited about the shade selection. It’s ok but I am really not loving the other colors. They are ok but for $6.99 and loving it the way I do after using it I could get several but none of the other colors are tempting me. Oh well minor issues like I said.

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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  1. Melany says

    Purple Rescue looks really pretty on you. I’ll have to look for that color!

    I have 2 of the Rimmel lip glosses in Spa Pink & Red Action.

    As far as the name label, I didn’t peel it off. I just twisted the purple top part & the name label stayed put at the bottom.

    The only thing I didn’t like about the glosses is the doe foot applicator. To me, it felt a little wobbly & I had to work to get the gloss just so.

    • says

      You are way smarter than me. I ripped that label off and figured it was somewhere else on the tube…then a few days later I figured out it was no where on there! I thought Red Action looked really good. That might be my next one. The applicator didn’t have the slant to it so it was a little harder to use. Have a great week:)

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