Rimmel Violet Pop #520 Moisture Renew Lipstick

I picked this lipstick up at the drugstore for under $10 and I love it! Rimmel has some great lipstick colors. I have to keep watching the display at my CVS for new colors like this one. I notice that they have re-vamped all the different brands sections and made room for new colors and products which is great.









I think Rimmel makes lipstick and lip glosses that are moisturizing. I haven’t been disappointed yet and this color is beautiful on the lips as well as being a great deal. Check Violet Pop out the next time you see a Rimmel display. If this isn’t your shade see if there are some new ones that work for you. The store that I went to had a 3 or 4 new shades.

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  1. Barbette says

    That is a pretty color. So CVS’ don’t carry Rimmel…I don’t get this. I was told by the new manager of the CVS in my building that all the stores get a full cosmetic refresh every February. So they are adding new brands and updated product lines. Mine is like a year behind because of bad management.

    • says

      Wow. Thats too bad. I was walking through the store today and noticed that all the new makeup products are in the aisles now, they made room for them. My CVS has great employees but they really do badly when it comes to having stuff in stock.

  2. Tracey J says

    Really pretty. Reminds me of Mac dish it up from the shop/cool collection. This is my fave color family of lipsticks :)

  3. Danielle says

    This color looks so pretty on you. I’ve never looked at Rimmel lipsticks but I will have to check them out.

  4. says

    Really pretty color :)
    I bought a Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick a while ago in the shade Soho Violet.. take a look at it if you see it… its like a violet with frost :) really pretty :)

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