Sally Hansen Miracle Gel-Red Eye & The Top Coat After 14 Days!


I’m not sure if I’ve ever worn a nail polish for 14 days before. After wearing Red Eye one of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel shades I was really very pleased though. I thought for sure when a brand said that a color will last for that long it was going to really be a big fat lie but I can tell you this stuff held up really well. One of the things that I was happy with right away is the Top Coat. It dries fast and is just as good as a lot of the top coats that I use. Sometimes with new products or systems like this I find that the top coat is a total bust. Not the case here which is fantastic!

First let me tell you what I did it’s simple. I did one coat of Red Eye Miracle gel and then one layer of Miracle Gel Top Coat. I have to say I love Red Eye its a beautiful bright red polish! I was off my game and didn’t take pictures the day I painted my nails because I was showing this polish duo in a Chopping Block #16 Haul YouTube video. Hopefully you saw that video. In it I showed the duo and how my nails looked right after painting them. I decided later in the process to take pictures at the end.

The first several days were relatively normal. There wasn’t any chipping or tip wear. My nails looked fantastic. By day ten I was worried. I didn’t have tip wear or chipping but my nails looked a tad bit dull. The top coat wasn’t super shiny anymore. My nails still looked good don’t get me wrong it’s just that they weren’t perfect anymore but they were still great looking to everyone else.

So here is how my nails looked on the morning of day 14! I think they look pretty darn good! There is tip wear-that set in around day 11 which isn’t horrible. So there you have it. I really like these polishes and I’d get another nail shade in a heartbeat. Please chime in with your findings if you tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “system”. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are!




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  1. Ebony says

    Oh nice! I was going to pick this last night…but changed my mind thought the whole 14 day claim was a lie also…….but I think I may meed to pick this up….thanks….Great review

    • kristina says

      i love sally hansen literally everything she comes out with lol. i head straight to the drugstores. i can totally relate to what you said about the miracle gel polish. me personally i don’t keep polish on more than 4 to 5 days. i wash my hair a lot and my nails go through a lot of abuse. but one thing i can say through me washing my hair the miracle gel did not chip or loose its glossiness. now i own 6 of them i was that impress. I had to get more, so i decided to pick up #150 truffle shuffle (my favorite), #520 too haute (metallic),#110 birthday suit,#220 pink tank,#210 pretty piggy, #510 game of chromes(metallic). hope this was helpful. XO!!!!!.

  2. Stacie says

    I used the bright blue color (I’m from Indy, so Colts football, you know). I got 9 days before a chip. That’s freaking awesome. I’m a WAHM, so I’m doing dishes several times a day and the laundry and cleaning are endless. I usually get 2 days. I really was amazed.

    • says

      I don’t wear gloves or anything and wash dishes etc use harsh cleaners and I was shocked there wasn’t more chipping. I’ll get more of these when they are on sale for sure!

  3. Miranda says

    I got this polish too. It lasted about 8 days before I noticed serious wearing or chipping. I don’t like the formula though. Perhaps it was the color I got, but I feel like it took forever to dry and was streaky. Maybe I’ll give another color a try.

  4. Audrey says

    I saw a set at walmart and was seriously considering getting it but didn’t want to shell out the $14. But then I looked around on the display a little bit and found a 2 pack (2 bonders and 2 colors) that was $13. I know doesn’t make sense why it was cheaper, but I decided to pick it up and I’m very impressed with the formula. Haven’t worn it long enough to decide how long it will last, but I’m pleased for sure.

  5. Amanda says

    I was wondering what it was like to take the polish off. if it like other gel polish where you have to soak the nail in remover? I cannot stand that, no matter how long the polish wears. If it’s like a normal polish, then you sold me. lol Thanks

  6. anon says

    To keep your manicure fresh, it’s suggested that you apply the top coat itself every day for normal polishes, and every few days for gel polish. It keeps it from chipping off like you see in the photo. It’s great that it lasts that long, but imagine how it would look if you refreshed the top coat?

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