Sephora + Pantone Universe Tangerine Tango Lipstick

Tangerine Tango Lipstick

I’m on the fence about this one. I love the color but its not what I thought it would be. It’s not as opaque as I like my lipstick to be. I have very pigmented lips so I need something that is going to be more than a sheen on my lips. I like the texture of the lipstick now that really worked for me! It wears well during the day and is comfortable on the lips. But I get a short few hours (like 3) of wear before needing a touchup and must touch up after meals and drinks. Oh yeah and after a few hours as this fades-its not pretty. It kind of fades like a bad lip stain. One day in particular I looked like a crazy woman that just ate an orange popsicle.

I feel I need to use a mirror to ensure the desired finished look with this. So if you haven’t noticed already this is a lipstick that I end up babysitting a lot. I was expecting a lipstick that would last longer and frankly do more for me than Revlon’s Orange Flip lipstick since its double the price! Not the case here.

I used an orange liner with this (MUFE Aqua Lip #17C) and had to stop because the liner stood out like a sore thumb because its stronger than this lipstick. So from then on I just used the lipstick by itself. The packaging is amazing and I love that. Overall they hit a home run with presentation. I like a heavy lipstick tube.

I think the lipstick looks great on. What you’ll notice in some of my pictures is that here and there the finish isn’t smooth. It’s a little patchy and I found that to be the case since I began testing this out weeks ago. I still find it hard to smooth this out across the whole surface of my lips. It’s not something that is too noticeable but its there.










Tangerine Tango Lipstick

Overall I think that for $18 you can find something better. I think that there are a few drugstore lipsticks that I’ve come across recently from Revlon and Maybelline that blow this out of the water. Please let me know if you picked Tangerine Tango up, I think there are going to be many people that love this lipstick way more than I do. But for the price when I consider all the babysitting and prep time it’s a disappointment.

Rated C

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  1. Nancy says

    I wanted to pick it up because it is so pretty but I didn’t . I got a YSL glossy lip stain instead……… I think it was #8 the orange one ( I could be wrong on the number ) I love those glossy stains and how they wear.

  2. Caitiin says

    I actually really like the way it looks on you, I think if it was more pigmented it would be weird, and look too bright. I could never wear orange lipstick haha i don’t have enough confidence for that yet, but you rock it.

  3. Victoria says

    I got the lipstick and it looked good on me however i didnt like the taste and how it fades too. Cant remember why, i think it kind f left a ring around my lips and i felt i had to reapply carefully since its a strong orange. It is a lovely color though but i find on my natural lip color that revlon just bitten balm stain in rendevous gives the same result and i like the minty taste that revlon gives.

  4. Kickback says

    I’ve been on an orange lip color kick ever since I saw this post. Revlon lip butter in tutti fruiti looks a lot like this including the patchy finish. I have to make several laps around my lips to get it to even out. I also purchased moon drops orange flip (I’m in serious like with this color)hot coral, and blase apricot. Our lips are so similar (full, well defined, symmetrical, and dare I say the perfect pout). You’ve opened my eyes I’d have never thought I could pull it off. Thank you!

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