Sephora Shadows: Burgundy Gem, Sapphire Shine, and Purple Prisma

Have you seen or heard about these? They are showing up all over the beauty blogs and on YouTube. At $15 each I was more than curious about these shadows. I think Sephora is really stepping up their game this year. Have you taken a look at all the new things they’ve come out with? It seems like they are determined to not only sell the best makeup product lines but compete with them also!

I’m all for it, Sephora pricing is better and if my brief use of these colors is any indication they have a hit on their hands.

Burgundy Gem, Sapphire Shine, and Purple Prisma Prima Chrome Shadows









Burgundy Gem and Sapphire Shine

Purple Prisma








Swatches Burgundy Gem, Sapphire Shine, and Purple Prisma (top to bottom)

The lighting is awful today so I hope that the swatch picture above on the right helps you see that the colors are very pigmented and kind of glow. Sapphire Shine is my hands down favorite. I think it’s just about the most unusual beautiful blue that I’ve ever seen. I picked my colors at the store so there are several other eyeshadow colors to choose from if these three don’t appeal to you.

Let me know if you’ve tried these or swatched them at the store. So far there is a little more fallout than I’d like during application but considering the beauty and richness of the colors I’m happy to do my eye makeup first and clean up the excess!

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  1. Regina says

    I have bronze brilliance and burgundy gem and really like them. I’ve found patting them on reduces fallout greatly and they last all day.

  2. says

    I saw the Sephora shop assistant wearing the blue and it looked awesome on her. But then she somehow got me into a corner to tell me about her boyfriend issues and in my haste to get out of there I didn’t get to try it. BTW, do you have any rec.’s for an amazing green shadow? Something edgy and dark with silver tones. I am looking everywhere and can’t find one. xo Christine

  3. says

    I swatched one in the store recently, and the form of it is perfect for swatching with your finger, I think that’s a good marketing trick :P I think the colors are pretty, the burgundy gem looks awesome.

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