Sephora, What the F&F is Going On?

Fresh Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection $65-Item 1448885

Ahhh Sephora why must you play games with us?

We know its Friends & Family time. Just give up the code already.

I’ll post, tweet, facebook, and instagram if I find anything out about this sale guys!

Hopefully we will be adding things like the Fresh Sugar set to our carts soon:)

Update: Check out Temptalia’s post here. Guess I’m waiting for the VIB sale….

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  1. Becky says

    Like Angie said, you have to have a Sephora employee email you the code. There are FB groups to ask for a code; that is how I received my code.

    • says

      Yeah I get excited about these things because I love to hear what people picked up and it’s fun for so many but hopefully they will change their minds next year! I have lots of trouble believing this because I feel like they say they aren’t doing it every year and they do. Now I’ll be putting stuff back in my Ulta cart. I took everything out to buy it from Sephora.

  2. says

    I asked about that today at Sephora and the girl told me that will not be having that but they have an employee appreciation sale where they send out a code to they friend and family for a 1 time use only. An employee has to send you one…I saw a coupon in my email when I got home, I dont know which one of them sent it.

    • says

      Thank you. I pulled everything I can get elsewhere out of my Sephora Shopping List. So many other places do 20% off in the next few months so I’ll just get the stuff I can only get at Sephora (like Buxom) during the VIB sale. I think it’s great that they give their employees and their friends/family a special deal. I can just plan differently get creative and show some other retailers love if they have public sales. It’s only makeup after all!
      I saw your blog sale. I was so tempted to get something but I stayed strong lol:)

  3. T.R. says

    Ok I’m confused. I thought the F&F was ALWAYS for employees but Sephora never really “enforced” it and let the code go out to everyone. But I’ve always kind of remember it like that but people still placed the code publically and we all got to benefit.

    Am I just imagining that? And then BI and VIB’s got $10 or $20 off coupons later in November. But what do I know. I do want that Tart Holiday Set. :O)

    • says

      Your not imagining that at all. That’s how its been for a few years. I feel like it wasn’t enforced and then everyone got to benefit. I feel so bad for the people that skipped the Urban Decay F&F 20% off sale and the people that aren’t BI’s and VIB’s for the sale they confirmed they will have (20% off) in a few weeks. I never really expected the tougher rules because the code always leaked in the past and I feel like they moved so much merchandise that as a company they benefited also. I do hope the real F&F’s enjoy the sale. Can’t hate on them at all for rewarding their employees, thats fantastic.
      The Tarte holiday set looks great. Tarte and Bare Minerals have my favorite holiday things this year! It’s so hard to pick which ones to get.

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