Shut The Front Door….Mally Watched My YouTube Video-Perhaps I Should Comb My Hair a Bit More?!

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  1. The Single Nester says

    That is awesome! Keep making those awesome videos!

    Question, can you recommend a good drugstore (cheap) eye shadow base? Thanks!

  2. Dee Dee says

    We all love and adore you, keep rollin’.

    You know once (and only once) I offered a comment on another blog and it was truly a sincere observation, versed well and NOT even constructive criticism. Sure enough, it was taken was taken “the wrong way” and dragged then into the blog arena for further comment. I’m very cautious now not to even utter (or type)a single word that maybe misconstrued.

    Like that, to reiterate…we all love you.

    Dee Dee

  3. Ruth says

    That is so freakin’ cool! like the other comments, I think that you’re hilarious and adore your reviews and value your opinions on the products you review. and besides, that piece of hair on the side NEVER stays down!lol!

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