Sigma Paris Palette (Some Swatches)

A new palette is out from Sigma and its a collaboration from several YouTube beauty gurus. I saw the palette on Tiffany D’s chanel and ordered it immediately. I haven’t had a chance to use this palette yet but so many people asked me for some swatches so I wanted to put some up.

Please excuse the cut on my swatching hand and also remember you can click on any pic to see it supersized!

Here’s a look and some quick swatches!

























Rouge, Peche, and Lumiere (swatched top to bottom)

The palette retails for $59 but you can get $10 off like I did using a code. Check Tiffany D’s post here for details.

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  1. Tracey J says

    Nice! It seems though that the blush etc us way too light for our skin tone. The palette isn’t worth the $ to me because of that.

    • says

      I tried out three shadows and the highlighter this evening and I have to disagree. I really think they did a decent job. The pigmentation on the shadows blew me away and the highlighter looked better than some of my higher end ones from Armani and Guerlain. I know I’ll end up using the blushes on my eyes as transition (area between my eyelid and the brow bone) shades especially the peach!

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