SimplyVera (Vera Wang) Smooth Shine Lip Gloss #807

I don’t know if there are any Kohl’s shoppers out there but this girl loves shopping and visiting them regularly. I was really happy to hear months ago that Vera Wang along with clothes and handbags was bringing some makeup into Kohl’s with her name on it. I picked up a Smooth Shine Lip Gloss that caught my eye. It’s a good but not great addition to Vera’s line of products at Kohl’s.

















I love glittery lip gloss but hate feeling the glitter on my lips. It feels like I have a ton of large glitter pieces on my lips and when I rub my lips together or run my tongue over my lip I can feel EVERY SINGLE SPECK OF GLITTER. The glitter is too big for me so this formula is a little uncomfortable. I love how it looks and it’s not sticky. But it is gritty.

I get a decent four hours of wear time and touching up with the doe foot applicator is a pleasure. Another thing about this gloss that is interesting is that it’s really thick. I like that because I think it adds to the staying power.  It’s one of the thickest gloss formulas I’ve come across. There are five other shades available but I love this color best. If only they could loose the gritty glitter flecks! For $18.50 a tube I think they could do a little better for us Kohl’s shoppers don’t you?

Rated B-

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  1. Jordan says

    I like some of the kohl’s makeup, I have the flirt 40 eyeshadow set and a mineral eyeshadow from their american beauty brand, I got both of them for a good deal and they are alright (not amazing) but I do like them quite a bit. Too bad that lip gloss was gritty and a little pricey, I’m ok with paying that much for gloss but not at kohls… thanks for the review

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