Sinful Colors Nail Polish 99cents at Walgreens!





























From Left to Right: I Miss You, Nail Junkie, and Call You Later















From Left to Right: Tapping Nails, Daddy’s Girl, Hottie, and Pinky Glitter

If there isn’t a Walgreen’s near you Rite Aid has Sinful Colors nail polish Buy One Get One 50% off (approx $1.99 each) so you can get two bottles for $3. Also at Rite Aid Essie nail polish is Buy One Get One 50% off too!

I got Essie’s Aruba Blue and Jamaica Me Crazy. So pretty!

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  1. says

    Lovely colors! I leave for one week and when I come back all I see is exciting new posts!! Love checking out your website for new ideas and inspiration. Keep it up! xx

  2. Kiyoko says

    Yayyy I love Sinful Colors nail polish. I have a lot of them and I must say “Daddy’s Girl” is amazingness in a bottle!! I’m loving that you update posts all the time, too :D

    • says

      yes they really work well.they have some amazing colors! i just painted my nails using the color Nail Junkie, i’ll post a picture soon so you can see. it looks fantastic!

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