Sleek Blush By 3 Palette in Pumpkin


Sleek is one of my favorite inexpensive blush brands. I have a ton of their single blushes. At $7 each they are a fantastic deal. A while ago I showed you some Sleek Blush By 3 palettes that I love. When they came out with small blush palettes I was so excited. If you like to mix your blushes like I do things like this are a big deal. My newest Blush By 3 is called Pumpkin. It’s a pretty set of three very pigmented blushes. For around $15 these blush palettes are one of the best deals in makeup. If you are a serious blush mixer like I am you need to get into these if you haven’t already.

From the Sleek website:

The ultimate cheeky palette offering you three times the impact. Includes three complementary shades, each designed with its own distinctive finish, from rich shimmers to intense matte shades.

  • Available in six unique colour combinations designed to suit all skin tones 
  • Each shade can be used alone, or layered for a unique look
  • Each palette has a versatile selection of shades to take your makeup from day to night and keep it on trend from season to season
  • Set in a mirrored compact, ideal for touch-ups throughout the day


20g/ 0.68oz

Not tested on animals


Pumpkin has three shades you can use alone or layer. I prefer to layer and mix myself! On the far left you have a deep coral/red shade that has some shimmer to it. In the middle there is a bright pink. And on the end is my favorite. It’s a matte orange blush that is sooo pigmented it makes my heart hurt. I love this shade. It’s perfect for Spring. Orange and coral look great on my NC50 skin tone.


These Sleek shades are very pigmented. You don’t need much at all to do the job. Here are some quick swatches!



I always let you guys know when there is a Sleek sale (usually 20% off) by putting up a blog post. Next time consider getting this. The other Blush By 3 palettes that I have swatched are Flame and Pink Sprint. Sleek is an amazing brand. I am obsessed with their eye palettes and blushes. Next time they have a sale consider picking up both!

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  1. Yemi says

    I also own this and love it as well! I’m about your skin tone and I agree, the orange blush in the set is just beautiful on deep complexions. Plus this lasts for quite a while, even on my combo/oily skin! Before I got into Sleek I was skeptical of all the glowing reviews regarding the pigmentation and longevity but for once, they were dead on.

    Have you tried any of their eyeshadow palettes? They’re pretty good too.

  2. Kica says

    I’m gonna have to try this brand out, they get a lot of good reviews and I’m sooooo into blush these days it’s ridiculous.

    • says

      I’ve ordered about six times over the years and I’ve never had any issues. I’ve always ordered during sales so its taken ten days sometimes to get my order but I figured it would because of the sale. They lowered their shipping fees about a year ago which is good.

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