Sleek Blush By 3-Pink Sprint #366

Sleek blushes are fantastic. Recently I showed you another Blush By 3 set called Flame #365. It’s a pretty red set of blushes so check that out if you like red. That palette of blushes is a mix of shimmer and matte shades.

Pink Sprint is the other Blush By 3 palette I got. All of the colors are matte in this one so that means I love it of course!

Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, and Pinktini (left to right)








Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, and Pinktini (swatched left to right)

Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, and Pinktini (left to right)

Blush by 3 compacts are $15.99 each. I love the pigmentation and the shades last all day beautifully. If you love mixing blushes this is a great find. If your in the states like me you have to order from and the shipping fees are not cheap. I try to order a few things (which is easy) and I’ve reviewed a few really great things they make in case your interested. I love the Face Contour Kit ($10) and showed my favorite individual blushes Sunrise, Pomegranate, Coral, and Sahara ($6.50 each) a while ago. They make really good inexpensive makeup at Sleek!

Check these out if you can. Here’s another shot of the palette in sunlight:)

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    • says

      Aren’t they? It’s crazy town gorg! I love that they are all matte! Oh and I’m watching the Call of the Wild palette video. Jesus! I am putting that on my wish list!

      • says

        It is. I’m going to try get a decent Sleek order end soon. Bahaaa! I saw it on Muse’s blog and was like “oh it nice” After last night now I’m like I WONTS IT!

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