Sleek Blush-Sunrise, Pomegranate, Coral, and Sahara









I can’t say enough good things about Sleek blush! If you are looking for Nars quality on a budget you should definitely check these out. They are $6.50 each! They have some amazing colors that really give the high-end brands that cost triple the price a run for their money. I thought I’d show you some of them up close. Here we go…swatch-o-rama time!

Pomegranate is one of my two favorite shades. I just love this pink, it’s very pigmented so you can use a light touch or build up the color. It just depends how bold you want to be with it!

Sunrise is a beautiful shade with gorgeous shimmer. This is one of my favorites to use everyday! This blush goes with so many looks.

Sahara is a beautiful orangy brown shade that I can’t wait to use more this coming summer.

Coral is a great color that I think would be nice on anyone. I like to build this shade up in intensity and it really pops!

I love all these colors and you know what I love even more? The price! These are $6.50 each! I get my Sleek products from their website. They ship to the U.S. now. The website is I have a lot more Sleek swatches coming up for you, I am in love with their beautiful shades and quality makeup for the price!

Do you have any Sleek makeup? Do tell!

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  1. Lavendar says

    Finally! I’ve reading more and more about Sleek, but for some reason no one would say where you can buy these products. Thanks for the site!

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