(CLOSED)Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette Giveaway!

Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette

A great giveaway ends and another exciting one begins!

This is a great palette that I saw at the CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet/Store) and I got a few of them for blog giveaways. This amazing palette has 45 shadows, 8 cream liners, 1 bronzer, 2 highlighters, 3 blushes, and 6 lip glosses. Whew…this palette has everything but foundation!

The really cool thing here is that the eyeshadows in the palette are the same excellent quality as the Smashbox trios. I hate it when you get a huge palette and they give you crappy shadows. That is NOT the case here which is great!

Here is the last palette up for grabs for one lucky winner! Enter to win-international entries are welcome!

Good luck!








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  1. Domniki Srri says

    I don’t have any palette!Only from wet n wild!I would like to win this gorgeous!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  2. Giulia says

    I love NAKED Basics because it’s tiny and thin and the eyeshadows are so pigmented and matt (the majority)… I love nude colors on the eyes (with a little bit of eyeliner and mascara) and then a strong color on the lip <3

  3. Michelle H says

    I am fairly new to the makeup thing so I have really just been following blogs to see what is new and a must have for makeup. I find myself gravitating more to the NYX Brand, mainly because of the price and the sales at Ulta. I wouldn’t say it is my favorite though. I am just trying different things.

  4. Sejal says

    This palette looks perfect! My current favorite is the lorac pro because it’s so versatile but simple for every day!

  5. Nikola says

    My most favourite palette is Sleek Au Naturel because it has really nice pigmented natural everyday shades :) Just love it! Hope I win but I don´t have twitter:(

  6. says

    The colors on the palette look wonderful – i would love to play with those. I’m just getting into working and playing with more color on my lids than just one at a time and/or brown.

  7. Heather USA (Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola) says

    Hmmm – I’ll have to say the Lorac Pro because it has the great balance of shimmers and mattes with a good mix of colors to come up with complete eye looks.

    Thank you!

  8. Andrea says

    I do not. I have a victoria secrets palette, but can’t say its my favourite. Its okay. Its the only palette i currently have :)

  9. Michelle L. says

    my favorite would have to be the first UD Naked palette. I love how it is great for day and night looks. I have also hit pan on it,so thanks for the opportunity to win a new neutral palette.

  10. Radmila says

    hi, i only own one palette – and this is naked basics from UD. And yes, i love because it is so versatile!

  11. Elena says

    I love the WnW Comfort Zone palette because the shadows are so pigmented and easy to blend! It’s my summer favorite!

  12. Camille says

    My favourite is actually the BH Jenni Rivera palette. That’s enough colours for me for a week on vacations and it’s very convenient for travel. I love the colour payoff too!

  13. Kristin says

    I would have to say my favorite is the UD naked basics palette. I’m rather new to makeup and a nursing student, so I can do nice neutral looks for class quickly and it fits in my backpack.

  14. lukejan says

    sleek original palette
    The price is great and the pigmentation is incredible. I have both neutral and color in one palette.

  15. Kelly Stokes says

    I have a couple palettes from ELF, I have recently just started playing in makeup and the ELF palettes seem to be good quality for the price.

  16. Miriam says

    My favorite palette currently is the one I customized from Inglot. I love it cus I got to pick the colors I use the most so when I travel I only need to take that palette

  17. Rachel says

    I own a bh cosmetics palette but I can’t really compare since I don’t own any other big palette. This would be awesome to own though! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  18. Samantha V says

    my go to palette is my naked palette. i love it because i can create several different looks and i think that the warm neutrals look really great with my blue eyes.

  19. says

    My favorite palette has to be the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. I know what a boring answer, right? But it is the one I reach for most and us most. I love the quality and the colors so much! (:

  20. Samantha Toliver says

    My Limited Edition Sephora Palette! Soooo many eyeshadow colors and lip glosses! Everytime I use it, it’s Christmas morning all over again :-)

  21. Candace says

    My fav palette is the Lorac Pro Palette. It has everything you need travel friendly and the shadows are smooth and so pigmented!

  22. dino says

    My favorite palette is from Inglot. I like it because I was able to customize my colors. Also, they go on so smoothly and the matte colors are super pigmented

  23. Nadine Fares says

    I don’t have many palettes, but my favorite is Urban Decay’s Theodora Palette (Oz the Great and Powerful collection). The colors are very nicely pigmented. I can create both day and night looks with it. It’s also nice to take with me places.

    This Smashbox palette looks absolutely amazing. Thank you for the giveaway!

  24. says

    My favorite palette has got to be Too Faced Sweet Indulgences palette as it has a wide range of colors and I can do so many looks with it! It has natural neutrals to dark vampy colors!

  25. Karllo says

    I have only one palette in my stash and its my elf beauty book , It has fun colors in it which i love!!

  26. HaffyTaffy says

    BH Cosmetics 120 palette (1st Edition). I lurve it cuz of all the crazy bright colours! It gets my creative juices flowing every time I open it.

  27. Ebony says

    The urban decay Naked 1 palette is the only palette I own. I’m still trying to find a way to make the colors pop better on my chocolate skin. I like it, but I’m not necessarily head over heels in love. The smash box palette looks quite nice though :). Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  28. Melody Eckert says

    Never tried any Smashbox products besides their original primer, which is awesome! Super excited for this!! Thanks Crystal!!!!

  29. Marie says

    thanks for another great giveaway !!! my fav palette is the Urban Decay 15th anniversary :) but this one looks awesome !

  30. Ivelina says

    I dont have any palettes. Ive got my eyes on LoracPro and in a month or two of saving I hope I can get it. I thinks its great for building different looks, from very natural to smoky eye.

  31. otti says

    Wooow thanks so much for such an amazing giveaway. That Smashbox palette looks awesome ;-)
    My all time favorite palette is Too Faced Romantic eye.

  32. Charline says

    The Lorac Pro palette because it is so practical for everyday use and I love the mixture of matte and shimmer shades!

  33. Denise F says

    I love my UD naked palette. It has all the shades that I need for whatever time and whatever occasion. :)

  34. Jordan says

    I have two favorites one is the romantic eye by too faced and my other one is the smashbox softbox from spring 2011

  35. Shelly says

    My fave is Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. It has everything you need to create a beautiful eye for day or evening.

  36. Susan T. says

    I have a Pur Minerals eyeshadow palette with great, natural colors that I love but it is several years old and should be replaced!

  37. Hollie says

    This looks amazing!! I only have the Naked palette, I’ve tried some MAC and a few Lorac shadows and I would love to use Smashbox! I’ve heard great things about the company!

  38. Elaine Gomes says

    Oh, I really would like to win this palette. It is so complete! I wish here in Brazil we had that many make up with good quality and afordable price. Thanks a lot!

  39. Celena Clause says

    I don’t have a specific palette. I like to take colours that I like and make my own palette

  40. MiMi says

    I got this Sephora palette a while back and its 3 shadows (shimmery taupe, aqua and matte dark brown) and a pinky-peach blush(which could also be used as a shadow!). It’s got a large mirror so if i’m traveling or going somewhere overnight, i don’t have to bring a mirror!

  41. Corie Liberacki says

    I love my urban decay palates they are versatile and I love creating so many looks with them!

  42. Ro-Shane N. says

    My favourite palette I own is by NYX. It has subtle shades for all my daytime looks and a few vampy ones for night time glam.

  43. Hanifah says

    My favorite palette is UD’s Naked palette. I love the neutral colors and I also love the quality of the eye shadows. They are buttery in texture and go on so smooth. My favorite colors are Buck and Naked.

  44. Tanya says

    I love my Balm Jovi palette by The Balm because it’s got mattes, shimmers, and more unique colors for a palette. It’s also convenient because it’s got a blush, a highlighter, and lip colors too!

  45. Sarah S. says

    I’m a sucker for the Wet n Wild palettes! Right now I’m loving Shades of the Hamptons because it’s so summery and unlike any of the other eye colors I have.

  46. marta morales lopez says

    I love urban decay naked palette, but i don´t have any other one so….yes it´s my favourite XD

  47. Emily D says

    Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette is my favorite palette! It’s my only palette too… lol, but I love it because you can make a bunch of different looks with the neutral shades and the colors look good on all skin tones (good for when I do my friends’ make up)!

  48. says

    Omg this is gorgeous, I want it so much!
    I don’t actually have ANY palettes! I work out of trios and quads and little ones like that. My favorites are the sample size ones from Lancome that come free with certain purchases :)

  49. Megan says

    My favorite palette is the LORAC Pro palette. I like the range of colors and mixture of mattes and shimmers compared to a lot of other palettes which are one or the other.

  50. Karen says

    My favorite palette is definitely my Lorac Pro Palette. I use it several times a week. I love all the matte shadows included in it. I often use it in conjunction with other shadows I have. Thanks for this giveaway Crystal!!

  51. Regina says

    My favorite palette is IN2IT’s Island Sands because it’s versatile enough to be used for day wear and evening wear. Thanks for this giveaway.

  52. Genevieve says

    I like the Naked 1 palette the most b/c I get the most use out of it. Neutral looks that I can wear with any outfit and anywhere.

  53. Melissa says

    my fave palette is the balmjovi from theBalm, you can do many versatile looks, from natural to superbold!

  54. Lisa C says

    Gorgeous! My fav palette is KVD’s Ladybird palette. It has the perfect nudes and one interesting reddish brown color.

  55. says

    This is really hard for me to decide. But, if I had to pick one palette that is my absolute favorite in my collection, it would have to be my Wet ‘n Wild Petal Pusher 8-Pan Palette. I think it’s just really awesome because of the gorgeous purple tones in it. It also features a lot of UNIQUE shades which is something I really look for when it comes to makeup. :)

  56. Gloria says

    Right now, I have been using the coastal scents neutral palette. I like the fact that there’s a range of several neautral colors to pick from.

  57. jhessica recto says

    my favorite pallete is the elf 85 pc. complete the look palette because this so useful as a beginner

  58. Robin says

    My favorite (today) is my Mac palette because I’ve picked the shades that suit me best, but ask again tomorrow and I’m sure to have a different favorite!

  59. frances says

    Urban decay naked palette is my favourite! Also been loving the catrice nude palette soooo cheap and a highly underrated brand in my opinion! Great giveaway :)

  60. Ray says

    I love the Wet n Wild palettes because of their great pigmentation and they are so affordable! They’re also great dupes for MAC eyeshadows. Thank you!

  61. Cherrelle says

    The tiny LORAC candy bar palettes that I got over the holidays are awesome. I always have one in my car in case I need to throw on some eyeshadow, lol.

  62. syeda tabassum says

    to tell you the truth i dont have a single palette -___- but if i did have a palette i think id like one from sugar pill…the colors are crazy intense !

  63. says

    I’m currently loving Stila’s In The Light palette. I think I realised too late that I get most use of of neutral eyeshadows and this palette is just perfect for many looks.
    Thanks for opening internationally.

  64. Divya Asha says

    My favorite is Urban Decay palette because its the latest trend & every blogger writes a review about it. So I love it.

  65. Joseph Villela says

    I noticed that I forgot to post my favorite pallete in my comment and at the moment I own the elf 100 pc. eyeshadow pallete and i still havent used all the colors and the colors are pretty good.

  66. Anis says

    All time fav pallete would be ud naked palette..becoz I can create many natural looks with it.. would love to add some colours in my life now :D I have to mention this, you are my fav YouTuber! Love ur personality :)

  67. Sadi says

    My favourite palette in my stash has to be Urban decay Naked 2 palette .Its simply awesome, perfect for day and night look both.

  68. Shirley says

    Urban Decay Naked palette because I can use it for dramatic smokey eyes or classic barely there eyes :)

  69. Faiza Qaiser says

    My SLEEK OH SO SPECIAL palette because the eye shadows are of good quality , pigmented , smooth texture, you are getting 12 eye shadows at an affordable price ,and you can create a neutral eye look to smokey eyes to a a very dramatic eye look too. It is best for a person like me who oesn’ have much skills in makeup

  70. says

    My favorite palette is naked ud , because is very pigmented and i can do all my makeup look special and beautiful .Thank you for this beautiful giveaway ,,,

  71. Chrissy says

    Mally’s in the buff is by far my favorite I use it almost every day it just has so many great neutral colors!

  72. Maria Fe Manlapaz says

    I have the Love and beauty by Forever21 eyeshadow palette… not very pigmented but good enogh for everyday use..

  73. Bidisha Banerjee says

    I love NAKED Basics because it is tiny and thin and the eyeshadows are so pigmented. I love nude colors on the eyes (with a little bit of eyeliner and mascara) and a strong color on the lip.

  74. Agne says

    Sadly, i don’t have and never had any palettes, i only have an essence quattro which consits of 4 colours of eyeshadows…I like it, but to have this one you offer to win, would be just amazing!!!i’d be the happiest person alive if i won this!!fingers crossed! : )

  75. Rachel says

    I love my Maybelline New York Expertwear Eight-Pan in Sunbaked Neutrals. The shadows are so pigmented and it has so many finishes, along with two beautiful greens, but it doesn’t include so many shadows that you mess up the look with colors that don’t work together. It’s also super affordable!

  76. Zacharenia Kopidaki says

    I have only one palette (Dusk til Dawn by MUA) and I love it because it contains strong and deep shades as well as natural shades and it’s perfect for any type of make up!

  77. silviabia says

    My favourite is Urban Decay Basics because I love neutral shades and the palette is really small and has a mirror which makes it really easy to have in my bag =)

  78. Kelsey says

    The only palettes I own are the tokidoki love from london palette and the nyx “all i’ve ever wanted”…. They’re not as great as I had hoped so I’d love to try this one!

  79. smiley jane says

    my two most used and favorite palettes are my Lorac Pro palette and my Too Faced Sweet Indulgences palette.

  80. Anna says

    My favorite palette is probably my naked palette, as cliche as it seems.. It is so easy to grab for a neutral look that is still shiny and fun!

  81. Selena says

    I would have to say my Sleek palette. Because I’ve always wanted one. I used to drool over the youtube videos from the UK where hauls were being made and sleek was being shown. I was soooo excited when Sleek started shipping international. I had to pay $10 shipping but I didn’t care. So now I’m a little stingy and protective of my Sleek palette, but I can be, its mine! :)

  82. bree stegman says

    palette by clinique colour surge duo cause its neutral, not sparkly, natural looking comes with an applicator and I like pale brow bone,highlighters

  83. loubna says

    Right now I own the Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Shadows, i love its soft cute colors, easy to mix up :)

  84. Ebonie says

    My favorite palette is my Ultimate 252 palette from Coastal Scents! It is my absolute favorite because it has everything! I can create any kind of look I want using that palette alone. I love everything about it.

  85. Leslie says

    My favorite palette is urban decay 15th anniversary palette. I feel it is a perfect mix of neutral and vibrant shades with excellent pigmentation.

  86. Irina G. says

    Great giveaway, thanks!)
    I don’t have any favourite palette yet.
    Following you on Instagram as @irinagnatiuk

  87. zeina t says

    i have the nyx jazz night palette .. i love it cause it has a good selection of colors that are mostly wearable.

  88. Mackenzie says

    I actually have a Lise Watier palette from one of their past seasonal collections that I love – it’s small, only 3 or 4 eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, and 3 lip sticks, but it’s the perfect size for a complete look on the go.

  89. Lama Alkassas says

    the Urban decay Naked 1 palette, just because it’s so versatile & good for an everyday college look ;) !

  90. Rachel says

    My favorite palettes would have to be the UD Naked palettes. They’re travel friendly, insanely pigmented, and are always in my kit.

  91. Nicole says

    My fav palette is my Mac palette because it has all my neutrals and I use it everyday. I also have both Naked palettes and rarely use them. And to think that I was actually on a waitlist at Shopper’s Drug Mart for the Naked Two…sigh

  92. Amber G says

    My favorite palette would have to be a quad that I made from MAC shadows. I like it because I put all my favorite shades in a quad so they are easy to access.

  93. Tracy says

    I LOVE Smashbox soo much!!! I have several of their eyeshadows, a mascara, and an eyeliner that I would be lost without. This palette is simply gorgeous and I would use it daily, to be sure!!!!

  94. Maria J. says

    My Favorite Palette in my Stash is by theBalm and it’s The Nude ‘Tude because it has just the right amount of glitter, neutrals and mattes in it.

  95. Melanie Y. says

    I will probably always love my Naked palette the most. The browns and bronzes can be natural or dramatic. Next up would be the Lorac Pro palette. It’s so cool that it has mattes and shimmers.

  96. Lisa H says

    I keep hearing about this CCO store. I just found out there’s one near me. Oh dear! Self. Control. It’s in here somewhere! :)

  97. kboogie007 says

    I love my Lorac Pro pallette. It’s so versatile with having both shimmery and matte eye shadows and in such a nice variety of natural colors. It’s definitely my grab ‘n go palette whenever I’m going on vacation.

  98. Helena Reis says

    I still haven’t got any… at all… I know, shame on me, but… a girl has to start somewhere, right? That’s why I absolutely need this one. Seems perfect for a gal’s first ;)

  99. says

    I am so behind on the times. ..everyone has blogs these days. I recently moved to Champaign IL where I have the opportunity to figure out what I would like to do with the next phase of life and I think I would like to pursue writing in some form of course it will include beauty. What advice would you give a newby?

  100. Shaun says

    Nars ‘And God Created the Woman’ palette. Honestly, I love it because it says NARS on the packaging, and I love the colors – Galapagos is purrty!

  101. RaeLynn Languasco says

    Wet n’ Wild’s Comfort Zone is my go-to. The colors are versatile, and they work with my green eyes well. :)

  102. Axelle says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these but we don’t have them I live…

  103. Isabelle Danielle says

    My favorite pallet is my wet n wild vanity pallet. It has everything you need for an everyday look and evening as well. Sadly, it is discontinued.

  104. Andrea Barreto says

    This is awesome I wanted to get it when it first came out but i couldnt it was a lot of money

  105. Elizabeth Eckroth says

    I haven’t tried many makeup palettes of large size. But I currently have one from NYX that I got from TJMaxx and it’s pretty good!!! I love the brighter colors as opposed to neutrals.

  106. paige says

    favorite palettes are my z palettes. i like the ease of organizing to suit my needs. ive depotted several wnw, smashbox and ud palettes:-) really enjoy your videos!! xo

  107. Ally B says

    My favorite palette is the NAKED2 palette. I love all the natural colors. This pallets looks like it has a lot of natural colors as well, and it looks like you can create a lot of looks with it!! Wonderful giveaway (:

  108. JoElla says

    What a great giveaway! Thank you! I am really loving my Balm Nude Tude palette. I can smoke things up, or do a natural look.

  109. Jenny P says

    My favourite palette is the Temperature Rising quad from Mac, the colours are just perfect for my skin tone and I can do daytime and evening looks with it.

  110. Sayu Ravensdale says

    I don’t have a particular favourite palette, but I love the eyeshadows Shiro Cosmetics is making.

  111. Rizza Joanna Salas says

    I do not. But, I really want this, because I want to learn how to use them. And to look more beautiful and presentable :) Thank you for the giveaway <3

  112. Alena Belausava says

    I don’t really have one, there are several with my fave colours, so I hope to win this one!

  113. Andrea Darst says

    I love my palette from Victoria’s Secret – I use the gold and brown shadows to do a smoky eye!

  114. Lydia R says

    I use my elf little black book palette all the time simply cause it was cheap ($5!) and is very small for travel with a large selection of colors and the pigmentation is really pretty great for something so cheap!

  115. Kasia says

    I don’t have any palettes :(I want to win this palette and start at the end of the adventure with makeup :)

  116. DEVIN macmahon says

    my favourite palette that i own is one that i made and it has eyeshadow pots in it from inglot, makeup geek and mary kay

  117. T.R. says

    I have TOOOOO many palettes just to pick one. I love all of the them because…I’m a palette…lover. :)

  118. says

    I don’t have many paletts but I’m in love with Sleek’s Au Naturel Palette ♥ The colours are ideal for every day natural make up and even for party makeup! It’s quite cheap and I’m starting my journey with makeup so I think its great for me now!♥

  119. says

    My favourite palette at the moment is the Ultra Matte dark V2 by Sleek :3 I ♥ matte colours and the pigmentation of these eyeshadows is absolutely amazing.

    GFC: Federica
    FB: Federica Coactus
    Twitter: @CoactusVolui

  120. fatema says

    i have urban decay naked 1 and i don’t even need to tell why i love it cuz every one loves it! all shades are so super adorable and awesome!

  121. Manolache Gabriela Andreea says

    I have a ruby rose 120 shades pallette. It is my fav., cause I can try whatever look I want.

  122. Marinela SD says

    I don’t have any palette, but I am wanting to have one. I admit that I am not that fashion forward, but I am now considering to make-over myself.

  123. Gabby says

    I know it’s cliche, but I think my favourite palette is the Urban Decay Naked palette. I also like Too Faced’s Boudoir Eyes a lot.

  124. Gul says

    I have a naked 1 palette which is ok. I recently got Sleek Storm palette which has way too many shimmery metallic shades :) I need some real palette :) Thanks!

  125. thepinkestbutterfly says

    well, i’d say that a smaller palette from wet n wild is basically my only palette but i like it

  126. Shanya raza says

    I don’t have any palettes! :( except for those revlon quads! Hope I won’t his giveaway! I would love to own one

  127. Jamie C. says

    I love my Meet Matt(e) Palette By theBalm cosmetics because the colors are so neutral, natural, all of them are matte and all of them are pigmented.

  128. Ruth says

    My go to pallet that never fails is UD’s naked 1 & 2. I’ve depotted them so they are in one Z pallet and the looks that can be created are only limited by one’s imagination.

  129. Helena says

    Thank you for this cute giveaway!
    I haven t any pallettes !but I d love to have one.I like the sleek…
    Have a fab sunday!

  130. tiffany says

    I received a chanel quad palette in neutral brown tones a few holidays ago and I love it – the colours are amazing and classic. The colours go on beautifully and the intensity of the colour can be built up to go from subtle to dramatic. Perfect!

  131. says

    Actually, my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette is my favorite because it’s so versatile! I can take it from work to date to night out with no problems!

  132. DESPINA says

    I don’t actually own one, I usually buy separate eye shadows, but I would love this one for sure!!

  133. Sherry B. says

    Sunbaked Neutrals by Maybelline, but I’d really like to branch out into more color. Thank you for offering this, Crystal! I remember seeing this palette on various blogs when it was released and thinking that it looked so perfect; all I would ever need. but quite out of my price-range.

  134. Szappanbubi says

    I love UD Naked and H&M Smokey palettes ’cause of thes have neutral and shimmery colours to make any kind of makeup for any occasion :)


  135. Ashley says

    I actually have no pallets in my makeup collection. How sad is that?! I would love to add this one in though!

  136. Dotti Triplett says

    Love when you clean your stash! I don’t own any Urban Decay products. But I will be on Hautelook checking the deals.

  137. Kaarin says

    The balm nude tude palette. I purchase when they were on haute look last time. I can do many looks with this palette and the shadows apply very well.

  138. Tracey says

    My favorite are my Mac palette I made myself and also my ingloriously palette that I made myself lol

  139. Toya says

    My fav palette is whichever one i can snatch from my sisters stingy little fingers.. she hate me for it lol.

  140. Joall says

    My favorite palette is the naked basics because its perfect for everyday shadows. It’s by urban decay.

  141. says

    I don’t have a favorite palette in my stash.. I’m seriously lacking makeup right now and would really love a gorgeous set like this!
    This summer I’ve been wearing some matte neutrals, with plum and metallic gold/bronze.. I really like a smoky eye.
    Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway!

  142. Brandy Lawson says

    My favorite pallet is the UD Naked pallet, but a close second is my UD Glenda pallet. UD can pretty much do no wrong as far as pallets are concerned.

  143. browneyes7801 says

    right now im loving this beauty supply makeup palette that i probably only spent 3.00 on from absolute named renaissance. The colors are very pigmented, last all day without primer and they just make my eyes pop

  144. Elizabeth says

    I love the Lorac pro palette because it has both matte and shimmer all in one palette. I can wear a diffrent look everyday

  145. kivernia says

    My favorite palette is just this random drugstore palette which is the only one in my makeup bag my cousin brought me, i’ve had it for a year and it is my very first makeup palette so i cherish it alot which makes it my favorite, the brand was washed out but i think it is some random cheap drugstore brand

  146. Heather! says

    I don’t really have a favorite because I don’t have much makeup at all. I do have a few Smashbox products, and I LOVE them!

  147. Alena says

    I love Sleek’s palettes, they are for a reasonable price and have really bright and vivid longlasting colours.

  148. JennaO says

    I love lumenes palettes. I cant now remember those names but they have very good quality and good collection of shades. They are made in Finland and absolutely allergic free, which is very important to me :)

  149. April says

    My fave and well loved palette in my collection is the Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone. The colours are gorgeous and versatile with excellent pigmentation.

  150. Erica says

    My favorite palette is the custom Inglot palette I put together. I chose all my favorite colors and finishes and I use it almost everyday! Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. Lucia says

    Naked 1 is my fav, every make up I made with this palette is wonderful and I’m not so good sometimes :) Power of the Palette! And Nudes on me are .. Wow!

  152. Lynda Kibblewhite says

    My niece is thirteen and just starting to wear make-up. this would be an ideal starter for her as she could work out what colours best suit her. I would love to make a gift of it to her.

  153. Crisan Iuliana says

    Yes :) It is the MUA undress palette. Is my favorite because is very versatile, I can use it for day and night make-ups :)

  154. María Coria says

    I like so much the PRO palette from Lorac because the matte colours, which are my favourites and allows you to create different looks for the day.

  155. Nea H says

    My favorite palette is the Deluxe Shadow Box by Urban Decay. I’m big on gold, bronze, and purple. It’s perfect for traveling.

  156. says

    What a beautiful giveaway! I love putting on make up, but I don’t have anything expensive (just big retailers’ stuff).

    This would be a great addition! :)


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