(CLOSED)Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette Giveaway!

There is nothing like a good giveaway to get things going mid-week! I picked this beauty up at the Cosmetic Company Outlet for one of you to enjoy. It has everything you need (minus your fav foundation!) to get glamourous quickly!

Included are 45 eye shadows, 9 cream eye liners, 1 bronzer, 2 highlighters, 3 blushes, and 6 lip glosses! Un-freakin-beliveable! This is open to everyone! If you have a mailbox I will get it to you.

Please use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter.

Good luck to you all! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Candi says

    What an awesome palette! I just moved and found a CCO nearby. Will have to check It out when we are more settled. (When I say just moved…2 days ago from CT to KS and our furniture isn’t due for another 9 days!)

  2. Beatriz says

    Thank you so much for this giveaway :-) Honestly I really enjoy the palette I made from MakeupGeek. They sell the individual eye shadows but also sell the Z-palettes so you can put all your shadows. It’s not premade but I do enjoy it just as much :-) Good luck to everyone :-)

  3. Barbette Sealy says

    I have to say I use my Naked Palette almost everyday for one or two of the shadows however my Lorac Pro is my number two favorite.

  4. Deena says

    My favorite palettes would be Urban Decay even though I don’t have many of them. They are so pigmented and nice!

  5. Kendra says

    Urban Decay has never disappointed me with their palettes and I have quite a few. Even with repromoted colors featured in several palettes I’m content because they’re usually cult favorites!

  6. Leslie says

    I’ve tried UD but I don’t own their palettes, though really great. I love both Sleek & Wet n Wild palettes.

  7. Krupa P. Patel says

    I like my inglot palettes because I created them but if I’m traveling I can undo the colors to match the ones I need for several outfits!

  8. Robin says

    Gosh this is hard…. the pallettes I reach for most is mac, but for pre-made I have the most urban decay. Love the sephora baked eyeshadow pallettes too.

  9. Sekar VD says

    my favorite eye palettes would be from Urban Decay. Like srsly, they make amazing values and they make good eyeshadows as well weirdly comparing to their singles. I’m pretty sure you would agree with me tho :p thanks for the giveaway

  10. Cassandra says

    I am obsessed with palettes ;) but I think my favorite might be Wet n’ wild. They’re so inexpensive but sooooo awesome!!

  11. Cristina G. says

    Hey there, I never had the opportunity to try any Smashbox products, it would be great if I could try out all these wonderful products. :)

  12. Felicia Aguilar says

    I have two quads from Revlon and one palette from NYX. I’d probably have to say I like the NYX palette more just because there are more colors and NYX is a decent quality for the price! I feel like I can get more looks or incorporate more colors from the NYX palette than I can with Revlon, and the quality is about the same.

  13. galliesallie says

    Drat to your haul a few weeks ago! I had been stalking this at Sephora during the holidays, and when you mentioned this one (this is Ulta’s but that’s ok) was available at CCS I ran over to one I happen to have nearby and bought it. It is truly amazing. So glad to have it but so didn’t need it!

  14. Victoria says

    My favorite palette that I own is by stila. Its the in the light palette. All the colors are just so beautiful and really pigmented. :)

  15. Kerishma Panigrahi says

    I LOVE my Jasmine palette from Sephora, but as far as consistently awesome palettes, I’d say Urban Decay :)

  16. says

    My favorite makeup brand is the one that looks good on me today! I have pricey brands like Givenchy and Dior and I have bargain drugstore brands like Essence (amazing!) and Kozmic Colours Nail Polish with Hardeners. I even have store brand makeup from Costco (and yes, it DID last a long time).

  17. Jessica says

    My favorite palette is the one I put together myself using MAC eyeshadows in a ZPalette. I havent’t used a Smashbox palette before, just singles!

  18. Anna says

    I’ve just recently become addicted to makeup so I’m still building my makeup inventory . Currently I’ve been using bh cosmetics palette, but I’m been dying to try Urban Decay.

  19. Stephanie Adams says

    My favorite palettes are my Urban Decay palettes. I’m a total sucker for anything Urban Decay puts out.

  20. Sam says

    Wet n Wild makes my favorite drugstore palettes. My favorite high end palette is a shady lady from the balm (not sure which number it is).

  21. Kim says

    I love The Balm palettes for high end & Sleek palettes for mass market drug store. Thank you for the give away!

  22. Naznin Azeez says

    ELF is my current fav not because its great but because I cant afford the hig end ones!. But still the 100 eye shadows palette that I have have stuck to me every day :)

  23. says

    I have to say Wet N Wild. They have come out with great colors, especially with this Spring Limited Edition Line. Even they are on the low end side, they have good staying power and great color selection.

  24. Cassie Bristol says

    The only high end palette i have ever owned was an urban decay deluxe shadow palette. I saw a huge smashbox palette that looks pretty much like the one in your giveaway in one of the home shopping networks.. Not sure if hsn, or qvc. I didn’t purchase it., but would love to try it. It looks like soooo much fun.

  25. Jasmin says

    Wet n Wild for sure!
    Their eye shadow palettes have blown me away.
    And with their prices, what more could I want?

  26. Jasmine Nelson says

    I love the Urban Decay Naked Palettes for natural and neutral looks, and the MakeUp Forever Flash Palette for its diversity.

  27. Franseca M. says

    Ooh, this is a hard one, but right now I’d have to say Urban Decay. I love the texture, quality, and colors of their palettes.

  28. Felicia says

    I would have to say theBalm… their eyeshadows are always super creamy and their palettes don’t have any duds in them like most palettes do

  29. says

    So im unemployed due to a long term illness so i dint have a lot to spend on makup….but i love Max Factor…..its not to expensive and does what i need it to do.

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