Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye Palette (Quick Swatches!)

Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye Palette, $16.99 at Target (Limited Edition!!)

I am trying this palette out for The Chopping Block #5 series on YouTube. I decided that before I really started digging into this beautiful palette I’d swatch it for you! I’ve used three shades before taking these picks so the palette does show a little wear but not much. I got a lot of email requests for swatches because this is limited edition and disappearing off of the shelves at Target quickly.

Get it before its gone. Here are those quick swatches, remember you can click on a picture to blow it UP!
















The eyeshadow colors in the palette don’t have individual names. So far I’m loving the pigmentation its fantastic!

Just a few things worth noting that are on the label on the back of the palette. There is a warning not to use these shades in the lip area and these shadows aren’t tested on animals. So there ya go! I’ll do a review on the palette in The Chopping Block #5 Review video in a few days watch out for it:)

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  1. says

    Warning about the lip area o_O well then. The colors are pretty. Not sure if I moved to pick it up. Haven’t tried any of her palettes before. Had a couple of single shadows but ended up giving them away.

    • says

      I have almost purchased a few of them but the ones that have that thick looking glitter shadow in them scare me a little. I have never tried that so I don’t know that its bad but it was easy to pick this up since it wasn’t there lol.

  2. Alyssa says

    Have you tried the Eyes on Neutral Palette by Sonia Kashuk? Its a nude girl palette but all the shadows are matte and work super easy! I end up using it as an add on to colorful shimmery looks and I need to get the Jewel palette ASAP because that looks AMAZING from the swatches!

    • says

      I’ve never tried the Eyes on Neutral Palette. It’s funny they are always out of stock at my Target so I hope to see it next time I visit thanks! I love matte shades:)

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