Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Lip Color-Sheer Plum #28

Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Lip Color Sheer Plum #28, $10.99 at Target








This lip color is really good!

It’s a pretty plummy glossy thang from Sonia Kashuk that I was told I have to pick up from Target by a really nice blog reader that never steers me wrong. You were so right girl! I love this and I’m going to need more shades…asap. I think this is just about the perfect amount of color. It’s not too much or too little and that is exactly what I was worried about when I picked this up.

I thought that I would either be very pleased or very pissed that this didn’t have enough color. Thankfully this is moisturizing and full of plummy goodness even though sheer is in the name. I find myself touching up every four hours or so. If you like lip products that don’t feel super heavy you might really need to check this out. It’s as light (weight wise) as can be but still fun and colorful.









Have I sold you on this yet? I hope so! Check this pretty shade out at Target.

Let me know if you have tried these sheer shades from Sonia K. I gotta visit Target more because I need to keep up with what Mz. Kashuk is doing. I wish I had picked this up a while ago!


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  1. Nicole says

    I was just at Target yesterday and walked by the Sonia Kashuk section. I will have to try one of these colors. The plum is really pretty.

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