(Closed)Sonya Kashuk Blending Sponge Giveaway!

I am in love with this thing! I have been using it non stop since I got it. I picked up another one at Target for one lucky winner…check out the rules below if you’d like to win one of these cool makeup sponges for yourself!

Giveaway ends on February 28th at midnight.


1- Comment/Leave a Reply on this post ONCE and let me know your favorite way to apply foundation or tinted moisturizer. Do you use a specific makeup brush, your fingers, or do you already use a Beautyblender or sponge?

Make sure you leave the best email address to reach you at in the Mail: Will not be published/required area. Ok? Only I can see your email address if you put it in that area.

2- One entry per person, international readers welcome. I have to mail this to you, only enter if that’s ok!

I’ll contact the winner on by email!

*I approve comments manually so if you don’t see your entry right away that’s why!

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  1. Tanisha says

    Typically I like to use my fingers or this Sephora brush I have, ummmm..guess it would help if i knew the name of said brush…but i dont. It is from their professional line and i THINK it has something to do with airbrush? That was a waste of typing huh?! Sorry. But overall I like to use my fingers. Have tried the item you are giving away, liked it alot..but i didnt take care of it as i should have. :-(

  2. Kelsey says

    I use my fingers or a triangular sponge from the dollar store because whenever I use a foundation brush I feel like i’m painting my face. I would love to try a kabuki and a beauty blender but am on a really tight budget

  3. Elizabeth says

    I have been using a moistened sponge (the triangular ones) for a few months now and really like it but would love to upgrade to a beauty blender-esque type sponge!

  4. Rene says

    I use a Sonia Kashuk make up sponge that is oval shaped. Its great because you can bend it to get in the corners of the face. But I have been dying to try out the Beauty Blender or the Sonia Kashuk Blender.

  5. says

    For the longest, I mean LONGEST! I used to put fundation w/a sponge. It wasn’t until I started watching youtube videos about “beauty” and makeup that I learned to use a condense brush and really like it!

  6. JenJ says

    Liquids/creams i use a flat brush be it elf, sigma or real techniques. for mineral foundation i use a round top kubuki brush be it sigma or sephora :)

  7. Priscilla says

    I actually haven’t found a way I like best yet. I’ve tried some different brushes and methods but just can’t seem to find something I like :( Haven’t tried a beauty sponge though, so maybe that will be the key! haha

  8. Jacqueline says

    I have been using Ulta’s blending sponge.I just found a stippling brush at Forever 21 and decided to try this on first before I put major money into a good on. So far, not bad.

  9. Evelyn says

    I use my fingers, I usually dont have enough time to use a brush in the morning and half the time end up doing it on the bus xD

  10. Courtney says

    I usually use my fingers! It’s the easiest way. But I’ve been wanting to try these things out, heard great things about the beauty blender, just not willing to shell out the $$!

  11. Tabby Steemson says

    I love to aply my foundation with just a a flat foundation brush or my fingers, then buff it and smooth it with a stippling brush xx

  12. Hollie says

    I love applying foundation with my fingers. I usually blend with a damp foundation sponge. I’ve always wanted to try one of these! :)

  13. Sherry B. says

    I usually use a foundation brush by Essence of Beauty for applying full foundation. When I’m using a tinted moisturizer, I just use my fingers. I’ve really never tried using any sort of sponge.

  14. says

    Im currently using Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer. I like to use my fingers (to warm it up) and blot the moisturizer on areas where hyperpigmentation occurs then buff it out with my Sonia Kashuk duo fiber stippling brush.

  15. alicia says

    I use my walmart brand stippling brush! im going to soon try to invest in a really good stippling brush since I LOVE my cheap one so much or a beauty blender if i dont win thise one! p.s i think youre an amazing person and thankyou for doimg this give away!

  16. says

    I apply my concealer and tinted moisturizer with my fingers. It helps me warm up the product and allows me to: cover only the areas I need to, apply as much or as little as I want and I can get into crevices. Thanks for this giveaway hun.

  17. HautePJ says

    I typically use a sponge and recently tried using the Sonia Kashuk flat top brush. It works great and gives a flawless, smooth finish!

  18. Nabihah says

    I just use my finger because I heard using sponge will soak up the foundation so you’ll gonna need more of it. But I do wanna to try it someday though.

  19. Aisha says

    I am very, very fair and so it is difficult for me to find foundations that are light enough for my skin. One that I have found is the lightest shade of Covergirl’s TruBlend. To me, it’s almost the consistency of a tinted moisturiser, so I prefer to work it in with my fingers. I’ll occasionally pull out NARS Sheer Glow for special occasions but I like to buff that in with my 188.

  20. Jess H says

    I tend to use a stippling brush. I ulternate between one I found at Target when I was in the US a couple years back and my ELF one. However if I’m away or forgotten my brushes then it’s fingers all the way lol :)

  21. Krupa says

    I honestly think sometimes your CLEAN fingers work best to apply foundation because you can really make sure it sinks in. Then you can use a Sigma flat top kabuki brush to give it that nice finish/ buffed look!

  22. Charlene says

    Up until recently I started using a stippling brush, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner! My make-up goes on so much more smoother then using just my fingers! I hear great things about the sponge also. Good luck! have a great day! <3

  23. Anna says

    Im currently using the beauty blender but also use the flat top kabuki by sigma! I would love to try this sponge as they don’t have them here is Aus!!

  24. Maria says

    I just like to use my fingers when im in a hurry but if i have a little more time then ill pull out my brushes and take my time

  25. Maria José says

    It depends on my mood (and how much time i have to do my make up), sometimes i use my fingers, other times a brush or sponge! =)

  26. Jacqueline says

    I like to use my fingers to apply foundation – saves me from washing the brushes and seeing all the gunk that has built up!

    Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway hun. Much love, stay golden. x

  27. Kimberly says

    I use my fingers to blend the foundation! The sponge looks really good and I’d love to try it, thanks for giving one of us the chance. :)

  28. Lovey says

    Hi Crystal! My favorite way to apply my foundation is using my Sigma F80 brush. I love how it gives such a flawless natural finish. I’m looking forward to trying the sponge I’m so curious of the results!

  29. Mia says

    I prefer to apply foundation with a foundation brush. I dampen it with a water glycerin-mix and it helps to blend stick foundations or prevent liquid foundations from sinking into lines on the face.I like stick foundations (holla Black Opal!) and use it as concealer and a bit more in areas needing improvement :) Follow with Ben Nye banana and I’m out the door.
    Also giveaways are super-sweet! Thanks!

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