Sound Off: Kardashian Khroma Beauty Yay or Nay?

The Kardashian beauty product line has hit the shelves of the Ulta and Kmart near me. I’ve seen some products at the store (no purchases yet) and YouTube videos and I’m on the fence about trying this brand. What are you thinking? Yay or Nay? I feel like there are a few important things to consider here before you jump in and feed the Kardashian machine.

Let me tell you about a few…

-price point (products are from $8-$20)



I think the price point isn’t bad. The things I’m most concerned about are quality and wearability. From what I’ve seen (YouTube’s emilynoel83 did an amazing video) these products are of the hit or miss variety. The shadows aren’t bad but the question I always ask when eyeshadows aren’t perfect is if Wet N Wild can churn out amazing shadows what is ANY OTHER COMPANY OUT THERE’S EXCUSE? Nothing at all against Wet N Wild but they are the turn around story of the decade when it comes to changing the brand image and putting out $5 palettes that everyone wants, has, or raves about.

So when people talk about the Khroma eyeliners being dry and the shadow pigmentation being powdery or off I get a little cautious.

Have you tried anything from the Khroma line yet? Please share your opinions with us. I think the false lashes are the most interesting thing. If you haven’t tried anything yet from what you’ve read, watched, or seen at the store will you?

Yay or nay?

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  1. Cynthia imperato says

    I bought the Khloe palette as the colors looked beautiful ! What a disappointment, no pigmentation, all the colors were powdery and looked the same on the eyes. The bronzer and blush were equally horrid, I returned them and will not try any more products from their line, My drugstore dollar is better spent on the great products by Wet and wild, Maybelline and Revlon

  2. Barbette says

    I also bought the Khloe palette, I didn’t even get around to swatching it before reurning it becuawe the colors on the back of the packaging does not look like the actual colors. Oh and the blush, what a joke…I returned it the next day. I also saw emilynoel’s review which just sealed it for me. They will not get my money.

  3. Honey says

    I don’t think I would spend any money on anything Kardashian. But guess that’s not the point. I’ve seen emilynoel83′s video and read readers’ comments there, and my say would be ‘Nay’, keep your money for better products out there.

  4. T.R. says

    I’m going to have to go with the above poster. I already fed that beast with the Nicole by OPI. But I will not be feeding it anymore. There are MANY other companies I’d rather give money too. By the way picked up the KVD mini True Romance palettes in Starstruck and Star-Crossed and talk about buttery and pigmented. Gorgeous and on sale at Sephora for $13 each.

    But to your point, there are TOO MANY people in this game for you not to come correct. Come hard or be gone. :O)

  5. ChristinaF says

    Nay, Nay, Nay…I came across some of their items in my local grocery store yesterday and I just wasn’t impressed. For me, the items were overpriced based on the quality of their packaging, everything was in cheap flimsy plastic packaging and the lack of good reviews of the products. I can’t think of any of the drug store products that I have that come packaged as poorly as these do. If Kim loves makeup as much as she claims, I’m just not convinced that she would use her own products.

    • says

      As much as they love makeup its hard to understand what they came out with. I was looking at an Us Weekly and they had a Whats In My Bag thing on Khloe and there where (seriously i counted) ten glosses in her bag. I feel like they didn’t have much to do with this line of products because if they did would they let it go out like this?

  6. says

    Heeelllllll to the naw! From the stuff I’ve seen/heard the quality isn’t there. Like with other stuff they’ve slapped their name on something. You would think that this one be the one thing they would have knocked out of the park since they are “known” for their makeup looks and such.

  7. Carmen says

    I find this line an absolute fail and was shocked to learn that it came out recently as I remember watching them talk about it on one of their episodes. With that being said I’m actually quite surprised this isn’t all its cracked up to be I would have love to see this line succeed. But after seeing swatches and emilynoels review I definitely wouldnt purchased anything from this line except maybe the lashes. I wish the kardashians wouldve put their heart into this line instead of throwing it out there to their crazed fans without a thought in mind. If they were really smart they would have put out some acrylic cases under their name since everyone wants makeup cases like theirs!

  8. abeautyfairy says

    NAY!!! I wish they all would just disappear – I can’t support anything they are involved with. They are so overexposed and annoying IMO. Love your blog and YouTube channel :)

  9. felesha ficca says

    I would say Nay! For sure not only because Emilynoel85 review, but because Kim Kardashian is so annoying. Just knowing my money is going to her is a big turn off. I wont even buy the Nicole OPI because she is on them. Did you know that she asked for a star on Hollywood boulevard’s walk of fame? she said she wanted to ” break the mold”. What is she famous for besides her “video” and reality show? Thank God they said no.

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