Sound Off: Victoria Secret Makeup

Victoria Secret Holiday Makeup Kit (ZG-289-805, $55)

Have you purchased anything from Victoria Secret’s Makeup line? I haven’t gotten many things. Just a lipstick, gloss, and kohl eyeliner. I was happy with them but haven’t bought anything in the last year or so. They always get me with the advertising and the thing that I guess holds me back is the shimmer. There seems to be a lot of it when it comes to palettes. I love looking at shimmery palettes but buying them is another story. I blame this on my lust for matte eyeshadow. Yeah I said it. LUST.

Not everything is full of shimmer on the VS website. And sometimes the price is just right! I’m very tempted.




Party-Perfect Eye Kit, $15











Sultry Eye Shadow Quad, $18







I’d love to know if you have purchased anything from Victoria Secret makeup wise and what you’d recommend. And if you have any experience with the shadows let me know if the shimmer is something I shouldn’t be afraid of. I am afraid I’m misjudging this brand based on well NOTHING. I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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  1. Sharon says

    I have only purchased lip gloss, and it’s been years for that because they always change them. My favorite lip gloss from them was called Ashley. It will be interesting to hear if their other makeup is worth the buy.

  2. Kristen says

    I haven’t bought any either, but I’ve switched it in stores and the formula seems really nice, the shimmer is very creamy and not just chunky glitter and seems like it would go on the eyes very smoothly, might be worth a shot :)

  3. Jackie says

    I’ve purchased a few of the VS palettes, large and small, over the past few years. I couldn’t resist the cute packaging and my curiosity got the better of me…Here’s my experience so far: The smaller quads (such as the Sultry eyeshadow quad) have medium, so-so pigmentation; they’re ideal if you prefer a more subtle look or for the office. Palettes such as the one in the middle with 6 eyeshadows have fairly good pigmentation; I didn’t notice a lot of shimmer in them. As for the top palette, I have one of the smaller kits and I’d say the pigmentation is fairly good, as well. Not ‘Urban Decay good’ but you can definitely see it on your eyelids and the shadows are very silky. Hope this helps!

  4. Barbette says

    I now remember Marlena of doing some reviews. She seemed to really like them. It’s been a while tho.

  5. Sarah says

    I actually work there and love our makeup our primer is one of the best I’ve tried. And you should really try the new beauty rush line. It’s great and 4/ $20!

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