Stars Without Makeup 4!

Since this is my 4th installment I am just going to say again that I’m not trying to make fun of anyone. But I am in awe of the magic of makeup. Whether its discoloration, blotchy skin, or less than defined features the following celebs really use makeup to their benefit just like we do!

These ladies look fresh-faced and not bad at all without makeup but hey a little cosmetic intervention makes me happy and I don’t have strangers taking my picture all the time.

Courtney Cox

Giselle Bundchen (I honestly can’t wait to hear what she has to say next….)

Halle Berry

Jenny Mccarthy

Kimora Lee


Michelle Obama

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  1. JenJ says

    Well then. Even when I wash my own face in the evening and I look in the mirror I’m like wow lol! POOF Makeup magic!

  2. Regina says

    When I was little I used to wonder why women’s eyes “disappeared” sometimes and why at other times they popped. Now I understand because that’s now the case for me, depending on whether I have eye makeup on or not :D

  3. says

    It is things like this that make me appreciate make-up that much more. Although these women are beautiful w/o it: make-up adds that little extra something that “she” just didn’t have and now she does. It’s not meant to act as a mask but more as an accessory. And this is why I adore make-up so.

  4. Rachel says

    Come on guys, makeup may make us beautiful on the outside, but we have natural beauty, on the inside, and the outside!

  5. Alexcia Redd says

    OK…I am blown away with all these pics!!!! I would have never thought they looked like me in the a.m.:) I too can be a model every morning!!!!

    Thanks for the boost 007!

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