Starting Tomorrow It’s Nude Drugstore Gloss Week!

L’oreal Nude Touch, NYC Honey on the Hudson, Covergirl Candy,

Maybelline Iced Chocolate, Hard Candy Icing, and NYC Nude York City (left to right)

I picked up a bunch of nude(ish) drugstore glosses at Walmart. I’m in search of a new nude favorite. The prices on these glosses are great. The NYC shades rang up for $1.97 and the L’oreal gloss was $5.97. At around $6 the L’oreal was the most expensive thing I picked up. I might sneak a Rimmel Stay Glossy shade that I have but haven’t tried into this group to get to seven glosses total for a full week. I lurve me some Rimmel gloss after all!

Let me know your favorite drugstore nude gloss if you have one. You know I like to be all up in your business and know what you like! If you’ve tried any of the glosses above give us a mini review:)

Let us know if you love it or wish you’ve never opened your wallet….

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  1. Pickygal29 says

    Nude York city hands down is my favorite. It’s creamy and moisturizing. I also bought honey on the Hudson which I like. Recently liked up loreal color riche lip gloss in 830 rich brown which has beautiful red flecks in the sunlight…

  2. says

    Another rave for Nude York City!!!!!! It is my favorite nude gloss be it high or low end. Love it, love it, looooove it!!! I also like Honey on the Hudson. I may pull that out and use it this week. I don’t own any of the others. Curious at what the Maybelline one looks like.

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