Stella McCartney It-Dress Collection Perfume

Have you seen this? These beautiful bottles are calling to me from the Sephora website and I’ve been stalking/gazing at them for weeks. It’s $52 for 1 oz. of this so I am definitely going to have to get a whiff of this before I even think about getting it. I love the bottles. Here is some information about the scent from

A fragrance based on the contrast between the freshness and softness of the rose and the dark sensuality of amber. Stella is a sophisticated scent focused on an intense sense of femininity.

Notes: Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Rose Absolute, Amber.

Style: Sensual. Intense. Feminine.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Let me know if you’ve smelled this, I’d love to know what you think!

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  1. says

    The perfume itself is one of my all time favourite. Rose is definitely the main note, but not in a sickening way. Quite sophisticated.
    I’ve nearly finished my current bottle – good excuse to get one of these. :))) They are gorgeous!!!
    Hope you’re going to be release in uk.


    • says

      I’m so glad you let me know that you love it. I love the scent of Rose but it’s hard to find it in a grown up and sophisticated perfume like you said and not old fashioned/frumpy. The bottles are so cute, I love all three!

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