(CLOSED)Stila In the Moment Palette Giveaway!

It’s my birthday month so there are going to be giveaways! I picked this palette up from Ulta on special just for this occassion:)

Please use the Rafflecopter tool below and enter to win! International readers are welcome to enter also, good luck!


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  1. Maria J. Cardoza says

    I Love shopping at Ulta Beauty stores because it has high-end and drugstore products.

  2. Jessica Gottschall says

    I love the mix of neutrals and purples/blues! Perfect summer and spring time shadows.

  3. LaTasha says

    I shop everywhere for makeup from the dollar store to drugstores to department stores and everything in between. I don’t discriminate! LOL

  4. Peggy Velez says

    I joined the sears cosmetic party so late in the game….thank u for sharing the tip….30% off…yes!

  5. Kim says

    I shop everywhere – online or storefront, doesn’t make a difference. Wherever I go, I take a peek at the clearance section…just in case there’s something terrific hiding there.

  6. Alena N. says

    The most part I get from abroad online-stores (like Stila, UD, TooFaced etc.), but all the common high-end brands are ok in local stores and boutiques :)

  7. Megan says

    I usually shop at Sephora, unless I’m looking for drugstore makeup and then it’s wherever I can find the newest stuff.

  8. Halifax says

    Drugstores are enough to keep me busy :) For brands that aren’t available in Canada, I’ll have to count on online sites

  9. Nobu says

    I mostly shop online. Sephora.com all the way! Thank you for the giveaways and your blog! I rarely comment but I visit all the time :)

  10. Amber G says

    I tend to shop in store as much as I can usually ULTA, but when it comes to MAC collections I usually shop online.

  11. Enony says

    I shop online but mainly in stores— Sally -sephora -ulta-bare mineral-Mac drugstores basically any place that sells makeup!! LOL

  12. Stephanie Y. says

    I only shop in drugstores for make up–mainly target! I don’t wear that much makeup for my job or days off, so I like cheaper products that get the job done :)

  13. Kathleen says

    mostly Ulta in store! I love that they have the mix of both drugstore and high end so I could spend hours there! :)

  14. Mariam says

    I’m an online shopper at various stores like Walmart, Target, Ulta and Sephora. If I never had to leave my house, I wouldn’t lol.

  15. AGNĖ says

    I usually don’t buy online, i buy my make up in the local make up stores, but i don’t have a favourite one :)

  16. says

    I’m definitely more of a Sephora shopper. I would love to shop in Ulta more but it’s a bit of a hike from me and if I order online it takes over a week. I hate waiting.

  17. says

    I ussualy buy my cosmetics from Sephora and Hondos Center Greece, but I shop a lot online also, mostly when I find good offers.

    Great GA hun!!


  18. Felicia P. says

    Sephora is my go to shop with Ulta and the cosmetics outlet stores a close second. BTW, thanks for doing this giveaway during your birthday month. It’s very thoughtful of you and says a lot about who you are as you share during times when you don’t have to or aren’t expected to. Keep it up! Love what you do!

  19. Barbette Sealy says

    Very pretty – thank you for the giveaway. I hope you have a great birthday month. Are you going to buy yourself something special like last year?

    • says

      Oh yes and I’m thinking about where I what to go for a really good dinner! I’m thinking Cheesecake Factory or Red Lobster. Cheesy Biscuits are my THANG:)

  20. Kelsey LeCoure says

    Mostly rexall/shoppers or target (finally in Canada!) but I even buy a good amount from the dollar store!

  21. says

    I am mostly an online shopper :o(
    I live in a very small town so my closet biggest city is about an hour and I don’t like driving that far because of the traffic :o)

  22. Deeksha says

    I prefer going to the shop and seeing the actual product before buying it. I live in India and Sephora is a good option for me.

  23. otti says

    First of all, thanks so much for that beautiful giveaway!
    I mostly shop at Sephora and at some cosmetic outlet stores I have nearby. I love coming into a store knowing that I can check out new products and test those I’m interested in.
    Oh, and happy birthday ;-)

  24. Juli H. says

    Walmart, Target, or Ulta. Depends on the amount of coupons/deals (or lack of) as to where I go.

  25. Audrey18 says

    Thank you for this nice giveaway ^_^
    I like to buy cosmetics online… One of my fav stores is Kiko cosmetics ;)

  26. Ivelina says

    I look for my make up at the beauty shops. i prefer it over online purchasing because I can try the product.

  27. LindsayC H says

    i like scoping out what’s in stores, swatching/trying them where i can, but i’ll usually wait and get it online when there’s a good deal.

  28. says

    We shop everywhere!! We love Sephora, Nordstrom and we shop Ulta. But we do adore our drugstores – CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens. We love it all!! Thank you for this giveaway!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  29. says

    I shop at Ulta, CVS, Sephora on line. I also get most of my makeup from HauteLook. Higher end brands at great price points. Happy Birthday beautiful girl. Have a blast. Your husband seems divine. I am going to make those ribs he just made. They seem scrumptious.

  30. Kathleen C. says

    I buy most of my makeup at Rite Aid since I work there and get a 20% discount. I also like Sephora and Ulta.

  31. Evan says

    CVS and RiteAide, just found two riteaides where it seems not to many people buy makeup, great place to catch new LEs and not have to worry about them running out….unless I buy them all of course. :)

  32. T.R. says

    I shop anywhere and everywhere. For Mid to High Sephora and Ulta, Drugstore – Riteaid, Walgreens and CVS. For top of the line Bloomies. For older LE or disc to stalk ebay or MUA.

  33. says

    i shop for makeup wherever I get good service. I’m more loyal to sales folks than I am to stores… Except for the ulta across the street from where I work…I go there a lot, but mainly to just grab something with a coupon!

  34. courtney says

    Anywhere! Happy birthday girl! <3 you are by far my favorite youtube guru, I love how you swatch things and talk to us like we actually know you :) your the best!

  35. Rissa says

    I shop at sephora most of the time but I also go to ulta for drugstore brands and other misc stuff

  36. Dee says

    For me–I’m really all over the place. I’m a serial and random shopper, wherever I happen to be. But I am partial to Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Ulta and CVS. Occasionally online.

  37. Thais says

    I love my Walgreens …. It so dangerous going in there… End up spending double what I intended !!!! Sephora too !!!!

  38. Kimber says

    I’m a cosmetics wh*re. Love Sephora, Ulta, Walgreen’s, CVS, Target and Wal-Mart. And I will spend some cash online in a hot minute as well.

  39. Meghan M says

    i shop at target and walmart both places are very reasonable in pricing so thats always good for this momma thats on a budget :D

  40. Kerishma Panigrahi says

    For online shopping, it’s Ulta, as there really are no Ultas in my area…for in-store (non-drugstore), I love Sephora! It’s great to be able to swatch and really get a feel for products before you buy them.

  41. veronica xdelice says

    hey sweety, great giveaway!!! i shop everywhwere i can for makeup and living on an island it s extremely limited to say the least… the real bulk would have to be on line if the seller is ok to ship and always for a price. kisses

  42. Maria José says

    Everywhere!! i’m always looking for make up so when i see something i like i just get in and buy it!

  43. Cassandra says

    I am a makeup freak so I buy a little from everywhere but probably mostly from Walgreens, CVS, and Ulta.

  44. Selena says

    It’s a combination of cvs, target and walmart. But if I’m not able to drive about I use Sephora Hautelook & Ulta online. I like finding discounted treasures at big lots, Marshalls and TJMaxx. I remember going into this super discounted store called walls and they had tons of drugstore makeup for 70% off. Then of course Dollar tree has hits and misses too. I guess I should say wherever I may stumble across a good deal. Thank you for celebrating your B-Day with us by doing a giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  45. teresa koedyker says

    I shop at Sephora, Ulta, and i have just started doing online. Thank you for the giveaway!

  46. Ellie says

    My favorite place to shop for makeup has got to be Sephora. Though I’m not limited to only there of course :)

  47. Vanessa says

    I really like to shop at Douglas ( it’s like the german Sephora), both in the actual store and online.

  48. Gina says

    I shop for most of my makeup at rite aid, cvs, target and walmart. I’ll make a trip to Ulta to get NYX though!

  49. says

    I shop in a drugstore called boots, I think it’s a UK based shop, but it’s in Ireland too! :) I love shopping online for American products that I can’t get here.

  50. Sherry B. says

    I buy what I can at Rite-Aid, but for the very occasional splurge that my budget allows, I usually shop around online. Thank you for the giveaway, Crystal; this is a particularly beautiful palette!

  51. says

    I think I shop a little of everywhere, since there are certain things I can get at each place. I have been shopping online more often lately, since I’ve been able to find the best deals!

  52. Celena says

    Nothing too specific, I go in multiple stores and see what catches my eye. I also shop online
    Sephora, NARS, Nyx, etc.
    I live in Canada so there are some limitations which is why online is convenient.

  53. Alena says

    I usually shop online and in drugstore. But it depends on what I want at the moment and where is the best deal on it.

  54. Anna says

    I would love to try Stila cosmetics I haven’t been in this makeup game long, and also I haven’t had money to spend on high end products.

  55. madhur gupta says

    I am mostly an online shopper, mainly sephora.com. But I still goes to the shop personally if I have time. I go for the good deals rather than buying impulsely(if that is even a word).


  56. Lanalynn says

    I shop wherever has the best sales to be honest, but most of the time its Target or CVS, because I tend to find the stuff I am looking for there.

  57. Anna W says

    I shop for makeup usually at Ulta, Sephora, department stores, or the drugstore. Online I love Ulta.com for their specials and surprisingly, Drugstore.com!!! Great sales and shipping is free at $25 :)

  58. says

    Well i dont get out to often…one cuz of my illness and two i live in a rural area…..i do a lot of on line shopping for my Beuty products, i tend to use BeutyBay….if i do get to go in to town i shop in Boots or Superdrug.

  59. Shawndelle says

    I shop online and in stores. No place specific I do have my top places that I like to visit first if I’m on the hunt for something specific, but I pretty much shop where ever.

  60. Christianna says

    I love shopping at my local drugstore, sephora, or ulta, but an online website i love are allcosmeticswholesale.

  61. Stephanie says

    I tend to shop at walmart the most just because of the prices, but I LOVE shopping at my ulta! There is so many choices and products and brands. It’s like heaven when I go in there and they usually always have a good sale.

  62. Flavia says

    I’m an online shopper because I’m from Argentina and I cannot find the brands I’m interested in here, and if I do find something it’s EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!!! And on the Internet I find almost everything and it’s like more bang for your buck too!!!

  63. Cynthia Adams says

    I mostly shop at different drugstores and at twice a year I save up to go to Ultra or Sephora.

  64. Nadia says

    I shop at the drugstore typically however, sometimes I do shop at Ulta. I am a fan of visiting and testing in Sephora though. I do find that sometimes I do order from beauty.com or ulta.com . Thanks so much for this :)

  65. Charise says

    I shop at Walgreens or CVS for new drugstore makeup releases and sometimes Sephora and Ulysses when I want to splurge on myself

  66. Kris says

    Honestly, I shop all over the place – whoever has a deal or a gift with purchase that I want. For drugstore, I mostly go to Target, CVS or Walgreens. For higher end stuff, I like Sephora, Ulta and Macy’s.

  67. Mambopoet says

    I always do Sephora in store/online, now beauty.com, CVS for sure. Rickys here in NYC b/c I get a discount for being affiliated with the school right next to them, so that’s always fun!

  68. Hadi S. says

    I really like to shop at Walmart and Ulta for my makeup. But every once in a while I do treat myself to some Mac and other high end makeup =)

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