Stila Onyx Kajal Eye Liner

I got this Kajal liner a few months ago and I totally forgot to post about it. This is going to appeal to lovers of deep black liner but if you are looking for a liner that doesn’t move then this might not be for you. Kajal’s traditionally aren’t long lasting unmoveable liners. With a liner like this I’m happy as long as I don’t put this in my water line. This liner moves and fades upon contact w/water. It smudges beautifully and looks nice and super black which I love. It dries to a not too shiny finish. One of my pet peeves is a black patent leather finish. I don’t want a shiny black line…yuck!

Take a look at a few quick pictures that I took.









This liner was $18 and can be purchased at Sephora and a few other retailers. I like it but I’m not in love with it. I think that there are several drugstore liners out there that are half the price and much better. I’m glad that I tried this but I wouldn’t repurchase.

Rated B

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