Summer Makeup Collection Madness









I’ve been trolling through the internet for pictures on up coming Summer Collections. Coral and Orange are hot and there is a lot out there that I’m already feeling tempted into checking out. I think I’m most excited about Nars and Chanel. If you haven’t looked yet let me help you. After all if I am nothing else I am a true enabler right?

Dior- Fruity Lashes has everything already w/swatches up so check it out here.

Chanel- Cafe Makeup has first look pictures up, everything looks amazeballs check it here.

YSL- Chic Profile has great pictures of whats coming up from YSL, check that out here.

Nars- Chic Profile has the scoop on a collection I am going to die over. Also actual product photos! Check it here.

Armani- Chic Profile has pictures of a pretty collection and a Eyes To Kill shadow I must have! Click here.

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