Cargo Blush-Key Largo, Lyon, Amalfi, and Laguna

cargo blush

I am really into packaging just in case you haven’t noticed. I like good packaging and I feel like it’s not too much to ask to have something be durable and kind of cute when it comes to makeup. Cargo has great packaging and it screams neat and orderly so I like it. I have [...]

Armani Blushing Fabric Second Skin Blush-#5 Raspberry

armani second skin fabric blush raspberry

                I really was looking forward to using this, I love creamy cheek colors and I’ve wanted to try one of these for a while. I really tend to go for longer lasting creamy blushes during the summer because they stay put. I feel like on me powder [...]

Nars Blush Collection

nars blush collection

                I’m almost positive you’ve heard about how wonderful Nars blushes are. In a recent contest most of you wrote that Nars Orgasm is your favorite blush. I don’t have that one but I have a few others in my collection that I love. Here is a quick [...]

Sleek Blush-Sunrise, Pomegranate, Coral, and Sahara

Sleek Blushes

                I can’t say enough good things about Sleek blush! If you are looking for Nars quality on a budget you should definitely check these out. They are $6.50 each! They have some amazing colors that really give the high-end brands that cost triple the price a run [...]

Givenchy Blush Gelee Jelly Blush

givenchy blush gelee

                                This is a limited edition blush from Givenchy that I’ve been eyeing for a while. It’s way too much money ($33 for 1 oz.) but I really want to try it. The color is called Candide Pink. It looks [...]