Burberry Body Perfume

burberry body

A few of you asked me how to get a free sample of the new Burberry scent called Body. It’s through Burberry’s Facebook page, click here for the link to it!

Burberry Bright Plum No.15 Lipstick

burberry No.15 Lip Cover Bright Plum Lipstick

                I love this color. I purchased two Burberry lipsticks and I showed you the first one a beautiful shade called Brick Red last month. Well I like this lipstick shade even better! Besides beautiful packaging which includes the neatest magnetic closure the formula really works for me. [...]

Burberry Rose Blush No.03

burberry light glow rose blush #03 natural blush

                                I’m a huge fan of blush. All different kinds and consistency’s are game to me. The only thing that sets me off is too much shimmer. I don’t like disco ball cheeks. If there is too much of that [...]

Burberry Lip Glow Blush No.4

burberry lip glow blush number 4

                                I’m working on getting out of my comfort zone. I’ve picked up quite a few nude/more neutral lip shades recently. This is one of my favorites in the bunch. Its my first Burberry lip gloss and I’d definitely get [...]

Burberry No.19 Brick Red Lipstick

burberry no 19 brick red lipstick

              This is the beautiful season of Fall in a tube to me. Such a nice color. It’s going to make more appearances on my lips this Fall that’s for sure. This is my first Burberry lipstick and I’ve already got another. I’ll show you that soon:) I’m going [...]