Chanel Plum Attraction #63 Blush

chanel plum attraction blush

I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts about four blushes from Chanel lately. I don’t think they are new (at least thats what the SA at Nordstrom told me) but regardless I picked up one of them called Plum Attraction. The other three blushes Malice, Pink Explosion, and Tumulte are pretty so check them [...]

Chanel Jalousie Glossimer #169

chanel jalousie glossimer

I was going to resist picking this up but I failed! It’s a pretty new Glossimer from a cute collection of nail colors and lip shades that Chanel resently came out with. I have tried several Glossimers before and only purchased a few. I like really pigmented gloss and most of the Glossimers that I [...]

Chanel Kensington Rouge Allure Lipstick

chanel rouge allure kensington lipstick

There is a small but special collection available on website called the Knightsbridge Collection. I took a look at the collection and knew that I wanted to try the bright pink Kensington ($32) Rouge Allure Lipstick. I love Rouge Allure’s and I don’t have a bright pink lipstick from Chanel yet sooo….I ordered it! [...]