Burberry Mulberry No.24 Eyeshadow

burberry mulberry shadow

When I pick up a Burberry shadow it’s a big deal. They have some great shades but at $29 a pop I gotta be in love. When I saw Mulberry No. 24 from the Autumn/Winter release I thought it could be love but now I’m sure! Isn’t that a pop song? Anyway, Mulberry is a [...]

Mally Evercolor Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow Trio

mally evercolor eyeshadow trio

I’m a little crazy about Mally. She rules my TV when she’s on QVC and she urks my husband a bit. Last week is a perfect example of how things go at the house. Husband/QVC EasyPay Hater: (walks by the room I’m in) “I know that voice.” Me: MALLY’s on!!! Husband/QVC EasyPay Hater: “Order whatever [...]

L’oreal Primped & Precious Infallible Eye Shadow

loreal primped & precious infallible

Last week I did a comparison post on Blinged & Brilliant the gold-ish new shade for the holidays from L’oreal. But a few people asked me if Primped & Precious (the silver shade) looks similar to Liquid Diamond another Infallible that came out a few months ago. I’m glad to say it doesn’t but here [...]

L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Blinged & Brilliant w/Comparisons

loreal infallible blinged & brilliant eyeshadow

There are two new Limited Edition Infallible’s out now. I showed and swatched them in a recent YouTube video. I got quite a few messages about one of the colors Blinged & Brilliant (the gold shade) and asked to compare it to the other gold-ish Infallibles that I’ve got. First let me show you Blinged [...]