Le Metier De Beaute Maldives Magic Blonzer

le metier de beaute maldives magic

Le Metier De Beaute has a knack for making things that are pretty at the store, then you get them home and your find yourself using them everyday. This is a Blonzer….yeah they have some imagination too. They made up that name for sure. But it’s actually very accurate. It’s a bronzer blush mix that [...]

Le Metier De Beaute Haulin

le metier de beaute haul

Neiman Marcus is having their Camp Gorgeous beauty event this week and the GWP(gift w/purchase) for getting some Le Metier De Beaute goodies was a beautiful slim lip palette. So pretty and perfect for my handbag! I got six individual LMDB eyeshadows that I’ll be reviewing for you all soon. I also got the eye [...]

Le Metier De Beaute Foundation

le metier de beaute foundation #12

                I got this a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to tell you about it. It’s $68 a bottle which really sucks but boy do I love this stuff. It’s a great foundation and there are a few reasons why. It’s got SPF 8, vitamins A&E, and [...]

Le Metier De Beaute Dubai Lip Gloss

le metier de beaute dubai lip gloss

Le Metier De Beaute’s Dubai….is love. I wanted this gloss from the moment that I saw it and boy was I right! This is a beautiful shade and at $32 a tube it should be right? Well it is. From the moment the doe foot applicator touched my lips I think I heard angels singing. [...]

Le Metier De Beaute – Best Shopping Experience Ever!

le metier de beaute eye liner

I know I am not going to shock you when I tell you that I love shopping. I have been to a few makeup counters in my time and I usually have a good experience and talk to really friendly and knowledgeable people. When I read about a makeup line that I have been interested [...]