Le Metier De Beaute Papaya Lip Creme

le metier de beaute papaya lip creme

Can I get an amen for always being willing to go out of my comfort zone? Every time I break away from my usual colors I find something that I didn’t know I needed or loved. Papaya Creme is a peachy gold that looks amazing in the tube.               [...]

Le Metier De Beaute Bondi Beach Gloss

le metier de beaute bondi beach

I can’t even pretend that this one isn’t my favorite out of the bunch. I love bright colors but I am totally crazy about understated glossy perfection. That is just what Bondi Beach is on the lips….perfection!                 This is a permanent purse staple as of right now! [...]

Le Metier De Beaute Chocolate Creme Gloss

le metier de beaute chocolate creme

Today’s LMDB delight is called Chocolate Creme. This is a rich beautiful shade of brownish gold. I love it…as usual right? Ha!                 My camera was about to die so I didn’t get more shots of the gloss tube for you. I’m so sorry. Isn’t Chocolate beautiful? I [...]

Le Metier De Beaute Cannes Lip Gloss

le metier de beaute cannes lip gloss

Despite the fact that I gravitate toward bright colors, I really love a more understated lip with a sparkling punch. That’s exactly what Cannes is. Pretty pink with lots of sparkles!                 This one is going right in my purse because its perfect for every day. This is [...]